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'Beauty and the Beast' 2x17 preview: JT gets interrupted during Tess time

Fans will see a huge development in the romance department for JT on "Beauty and the Beast." Tess and JT have been dancing around their feelings for each other, but a new clip shows the definite end of that dance. On May 26, Spoiler TV shared a sneak peek for the next episode, and Austin Basis is heavily featured in the new clip. "Beauty and the Beast" episode 2x17 titled "Beast is the new Black" is the first episode to air on CW after a long hiatus.

Tess and JT are taking new steps in their relationship.
The Beauty and the Beast CW Official Facebook

This clip is brief, but JT and Tess are shown in bed together when Catherine calls him. Tess is nervous that her friend knows she spent the night, but JT downplays their relationship quickly. This might cause problems for him after the phone call ends. His words make it sound like the night was just a one night stand and not the start of something more. When Catherine asks him about the anti-beast serum, JT makes a joke out of the request. However, his mood quickly changes when Cat reveals that Vincent has been arrested for murder.

Austin Basis did speak out about the new relationship for JT and Tess, and the couple will face several challenges to their budding relationship. Vincent and Catherine's issues might cause them problems as the relationship moves forward even more. Basis also revealed to Buddy TV that fans will see more of JT and Tess' relationship during episode 2x20.

CW has definitely shown faith in this series with the renewal of it for season three. The new season has not yet had a premiere date set yet, but that should come after the network airs the six final episodes of season two. Fans have definitely shown their loyalty to this series, and that loyalty was rewarded with more action out of Catherine of Vincent. CW might not be so willing to keep the series on the air for a fourth season if ratings do not improve.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Vincent and Catherine to CW? "Beauty and the Beast" will return to CW on Monday night.

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