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'Beauty and the Beast' 2x15 preview: Danger ahead for Cat and Vincent

"Beauty and the Beast" is making things complicated for Cat on CW, and fans are now being given a look at the next episode and some teasers for the winter finale. On Feb. 22, TV Fanatic shared the photos released for "Beauty and the Beast" episode 2x15 titled "Catch Me If You Can." This episode will force Vincent and Catherine together again. They will work together to help Sam's latest victim, and it will put the pair in a compromising position. The preview for the episode shows an ultimatum and a dangerous situation for Cat.

Cat has tried to move on from Vincent, and she is now dating Gabe. That pair even spent a romantic trip together in Mexico. Vincent is still important to Catherine though, and their continued friendship and partnership has made things complicated for the new couple.

That will continue to happen. The winter finale for the series will be the episode that follows episode 2x15, and TV Line did share a small teaser for that episode as well. The site teased that Vincent and Catherine will have to revisit a romantic destination from their past. The episode is titled "About Last Night."

What do you think? Do you want to see Catherine stay with Gabe? Or is she really destined to be with Vincent? Both men are beasts, but those involved with the show have made it clear she is meant to be with Vincent. "Beauty and the Beast" will continue to air on CW on Monday nights.

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