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'Beauty and the Beast' 2x12 preview: Is time running out for Tori?

"Beauty and the Beast" is going to put Tori in danger on CW on Monday night, and now fans are being given the latest inside scoop on the series. On Jan. 31, Latino Post shared a preview and spoilers for the episode, "Beauty and the Beast" episode 2x12 titled "Recipe for Disaster." The photos for the episode shared by The Beauty and the Beast CW Facebook do tease at the danger ahead for both Tori and JT.

Tori's time on this CW is limited, and it might run out on this week's episode. Brad Kern had teased last month that Tori would not make it to the end of the season. On this week's episode, JT will be kidnapped, and Vincent will need to work with Catherine to save his friend. Nothing is mentioned about Tori, but something will definitely happen to the young she-beast.

From Inside The Box shared another photo for the episode, and Vincent does find Tori, but the look on his face show his fear about her state. She looks quite lifeless in both that photo and the photo shared by the Facebook page.

This week's episode will also introduce someone new. According to TV Line, Tom Everett Scott will make his first appearance on the series during the episode, and there is 'more than meets the eye' about his character.

What do you think? Has time run out for Tori? "Beauty and the Beast" will air this episode on CW on Monday night.

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