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'Beauty and the Beast' 2x09 clip: Catherine and Vincent face off

Catherine and Vincent have one last fight.
Catherine and Vincent have one last fight.
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"Beauty and the Beast" will return to CW tomorrow night with an all-new episode, and now fans are being given a glimpse at the drama to come on "Beauty and the Beast" episode 2x09 titled "Don't Die On Me." On Friday, Jan. 10, Spoilers Guide shared a sneak peek for the episode. The clip features Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk.

During the clip, Catherine has come to visit Vincent. She wants to check on him. He is recovering from the gunshot. The two of them have an intense conversation, and it ends their relationship for the moment. These two are definitely not over for good.

From Inside The Box also shared another spoiler for the episode. A photo shared for the episode shows Vincent talking to the press. Tori is also present. Vincent has tried to hide himself since the start of the series, so this press conference is a definite development.

Fans will need to tune in to find out what happens next on this CW series. Fans do support the drama. "Beauty and the Beast" won two awards at the People's Choice Awards.

"Beauty and the Beast" will air this episode on Monday night.

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