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Beauty 101: Tips and tricks for combatting oily skin

Tips for oily skin
Tips for oily skin care (Photo: Beauty and the Bath)

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Anyone who has oily skin knows that the summer weather brings about its own unique skin care challenges.  Oily skin tends to appear even oilier in the heat, making it difficult to keep your makeup looking fresh.  Use the following tips to help keep your oily skin in check and your makeup looking great all day long.

  1. Use a cleanser that is designed for oily skin.  This means it will effectively clean the skin and remove makeup, but will not strip the skin of its natural oils.  When a cleanser overdoes it, the skin works double-time to produce oil.
  2. Use a foundation primer.  Primers are silicone based, which make them ideal for soaking up excess oil with the added benefit of reducing the appearance of pores.  Smashbox Photo Finish is one of the best on the market, and a favorite of makeup artists everywhere.
  3. Choose makeup that is designed for oily skin.  Formulas that work well for oily skin are designed to be crease resistant, oil-free, and long-wearing.
  4. Oil-free moisturizers are essential in any oily skin care routine.  Oily skin still needs hydration to stay healthy, but these formulas will help boost the skin's moisture level without adding any more oil to the mix.
  5. Touch-up as needed throughout the day, without adding extra makeup.  Using a blot powder, such as MAC Cosmetics Blot Powder, will help absorb excess shine without adding layer upon layer of powder to the skin.  Alternately, using blotting papers as the day progresses will also keep shine away.


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