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Beauty 101: How to stop sweaty and stinky feet

Don't let stinky or sweaty feet ruin your summer or your shoes.
Don't let stinky or sweaty feet ruin your summer or your shoes.
Foot Petals

How do you calm down stinky, sweaty, swollen, and tired feet? When you're out dancing our walking the theme park, you can't magically pull out a plastic tub from mid-air and take your tootsies for a relaxing dip when they need it most. And as tempting as it may sound to run to the bathroom and rinse your feet under some tap,  that action is not just tacky and grounds for some serious public restroom stares, but you'll also risk being called "cheese-toes" by your girlfriends, until the day you die, if anyone of note happens to walk in.

But don't trip, chocolate chip! You can stop worrying about stinky feet and not break a sweat about those overly sweaty toes. Foot Petals have come to the rescue! Thanks to the ladies at Foot Petals, when it comes to stinky and sweaty feet, nobody, as in NOBODY, has to know.

For the Sweaty:

Can't wait to rip your socks off because they're so drenched with sweat? Not only is excessive foot sweating uncomfortable but it's a breeding ground for bacteria, blisters, causes chronic athlete's foot, and ruins shoes. (Noooo!) Control that embarrassing mess and "car-accident waiting to happen." (For serious? Lol!) Foot Petal's "Sweaty Pedi" keeps feet fresh by absorbing perspiration and cools swelling with invigorating menthol. Natural tea tree and wasabi extract help disinfect and eliminates bacteria. While, lavender and vanilla are there to calm and comfort your stressed out soles, and possibly stressed out mind, with just a few spritzes.

For the Stinky:

Apparently, Britney Spears suffers from gnarly smelling duds, too. Blame it on bacteria. Overcome your terrifying odor-rific nightmare by preventing organic acids from forming with a little help from mother nature's botanicals, perfectly concocted into a convenient gel. Smell terrific with Foot Petal's fast-drying, non-greasy cooling gel that is like no other on the market. With an easy-to-use sponge-applicator tip, Foot Petal's "Pedi Fume" features that calming lavender and vanilla smell, accompanied by natural tea tree and cardamom to disinfect and eliminate odor. Aloe, arnica extract, and menthol soothes, heals bruises, and calms muscle strains. There is even an added softening silicone and jojoba wax  to help prevent and calm razor burn on legs.

For the best deal, grab the sexy "3-Step Sole-utionz" Collection to help your bottom extremities stay hydrated, refreshed, and cushioned.

After all, the real secret to staying calm, collected, and sexy all night long is being comfortable in your own shoes. Mentally and physically.

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  • Carol H. 5 years ago

    That is seriously funny about Britney's stinkey pigs.

  • Jessica Bacon 5 years ago

    Foot Petals to the rescue again! Seriously, where was this stuff in HS? Nothing like sweaty hands & feet to give a girl a complex!

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