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Beautify travel weary eyes with Sothys

Beautify travel weary eyes with Sothys
Beautify travel weary eyes with Sothys
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Face it, travelers: journeys are good for what you see, but not so great for the eyes that see them. Dry airplanes, harsh winter climes, sunny and dry destinations, parched and pressurized air cabins, salty meals at exotic breakfast buffets all contribute to weary, aged looking eyes. Fortunately, there's Sothys to the rescue! I was very glad to be hosted to experience their Eye Contour Duo.

For more than 60 years, Sothys continues to set the pace with innovative collections featuring cosmeceuticals, marine & botanical actives and COSMEBIO certified organics.

The Eye Contour Duo has some of the most innovative packaging I've ever seen for eye products:

Multi-Action Eye Contour comes in a petite pump container that has a special twist lock that prevents it from pumping when not in use. It's perfect for travel! The texture is thinner, silky, but still very rich. They recommend putting a drop between the eyes -- that wrinkle spot -- and I'm so glad they do! I've been putting eye cream there for years, but didn't know it could be "done"! It will soothe the area, but not leave it puffy or "overfed" the next day. Here's what they say about it:

A complete care solution for the eye area: reduces lines & wrinkles, diminishes dark circles and puffiness, hydrates and protects. Formulated with Alfalfa extract, it smooths wrinkles and provides firmness to the eye contour, by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and preventing breakdown of fibers.

Anti-puffiness/Energizing Roll-On rolls on with a metal ball, containing the most satiny feeling serum. The applicator keeps your treatment hygienic. You can definitely use this product in the morning before makeup, which is not always the case with eye treatments. It's also perfect for travel and I'm sure you'll want it before disembarking from a long-haul flight. This is what they say about it:

A roll-on with a cooling effect that instantly reduces puffiness. Lupine seed extract decongests, improves micro-circulation and prevents the slackening of lower eyelids.

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