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Beautifully blended

Explaining a non-traditional family to a small child can be a daunting and confusing task. The perception of a “normal” family is engrained in their minds every day. Sometimes the best way to make a child understand that “normal” is not the only way is to put it in terms that they understand. One example of a blended family is below. When people hear the word blended, the word family does not usually come to mind. Instead they think about a smoothie or mixing together some cookie dough. In many ways that is exactly what a blended family is all about. The concept of a normal or traditional family is quickly declining in today’s society, and more blended families are starting to emerge. A blended family seems to get a negative connotation when it is first introduced, but this really should not be the case. A blended family is more than just two families thrust together; it is the opportunity to create something unique, entirely different, and most importantly beautiful. The biggest misconception surrounding the idea of a blended family is that you have to lose one family to be part of another. Things, relationships, and people fall apart. Humanity is constantly evolving and the world is always changing. Sometimes things have to be broken, so that better ones can come together. A blended family is very similar to a batch of cookies. The eggs have to be broken and the chocolate chips have to be poured and eventually all of the ingredients have to be mixed together. It is only when these specific ingredients leave their bags or break out of their shells that the magic can happen. Each ingredient represents a different family member. It may be harder for some to leave their containers then others, but when they all come together something beautiful happens. Being a blended family is by no means easy. It takes hard work, a willingness to move on, and conflict will be inevitable. However with the right attitude and perseverance it will pay off. Being blended does not mean giving up one family for another. It is simply the blessing of being able to share your life with more people who want to love you. Blended is not a bad thing, it is beautiful