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'Beautiful Rider' by Jake Hamilton and the Sound - a review

Album cover 'Beautiful Rider'
Album cover 'Beautiful Rider'
The Underground

Music fans know that Jesus Culture is one of the best when it comes to worship music. The band’s musicians have a knack for helping people get to heart of worship.

That’s probably why Jake Hamilton, who was a part of Jesus Culture, wows with his latest independent release, “Beautiful Rider.”

The album which drops 21 Jan, 2014 will impress a lot of Christian rock fans. The album’s lyrics are undeniably vertical, and the album’s sound is melodic and rocky– reminiscent of the best 90′s rock music.

Hamilton said that the album’s sound is intentional.

“The church sometimes creates definitions as to what’s Christian and not based on style, and as a result, they’ve handed the enemy these styles and said ‘go for it,’” he said.

Beautiful Rider is mature, serious, urgent and well balanced.

In the fist pumping, sing-along “Never Let Me Down,” Hamilton lifts up the unfailing God, reminding us that the Lord will never us down or forsake us. The song has a nostalgic feel that will reignite a passion for God in rock fans.

The album’s title track “Beautiful Rider” is pretty pious. We have heard and seen all sorts of praise and worship culled from the poetry and songs in Psalms, but Hamilton one-ups those songs by adapting lines from Revelation 19. He sings about the beautiful rider who sits on a white horse; the Lamb who was slain; a Man wrapped in Light with eyes of fire burning bright; a Man with feet like bronze and a blinding glow, a golden satchel and hair like snow.

On the strings and piano-laced “Just Beyond The Breaking,” Jake Hamilton brings his vocal A-game to the album. The ballad is just executed in a perfect manner coupled with the seriousness of the lyrics.

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