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Beautiful 'miracle dog' rescued from high-kill SC shelter needs a loving home

Keila Adams

A miracle dog in upstate South Carolina is looking for a forever home, Hooves and Paws of the Upstate reported on their Facebook page.

Jack, rescued from high-kill shelter, needs a forever home
Keila Adams

Jack was rescued from the street in July 2, and was taken to Greenville County Animal Care Services. Due to his health issues, it was feared Jack would be humanely euthanized. Greenville is known as a high-kill shelter, even for healthy dogs. There simply aren't enough homes to go around, and many rescues are full.

No one had counted on the ladies at the shelter, along with the county vet falling in love with this sweet dog. A plan was in the works to get him to a safe place.

Dr. Qualls, who was treating Jack, offered to sponsor him if a rescue would save him, and he was hidden in the clinic to prevent being euthanized until a rescue could be found.

First the Dr. Qualls offered to pay for Jack's heartworm treatment and to perform surgery to amputate his leg. Jack had a shoulder and leg injury, and at the time it was decided amputation would be the only way to save his life.

Then on July 30, 2013, Jack found freedom in the form of Keila Adams, owner of Hooves and Paws of the Upstate. The photos of the two of them (see slideshow) portray a dog who is very grateful to the lady who saved his life.

It was around this time that good luck, or a miracle, was to occur for sweet Jack.

When Hooves and Paws of the Upstate went to rescue him, Jack had the mildest kennel cough symptoms Keila had ever soon. The vet decided to postpone Jack's surgery, including neutering, until he had recovered.

Repeat x-rays were taken while Jack was sedated for his neuter, where it was learned he wouldn't lose his leg, and would probably have never walked again, had he underwent the amputation surgery.

Jack has a severe curvature of his spine and a shoulder deformity. This has created a head tilt what resembles the cute body language a dog displays when hearing a strange noise.

The heartworm treatment had to be postponed because the medication for heartworm treatment was on back order. He was put on a monthly prevention pill and antibiotics. After the medication was started, Jack tested negative for heartworms, but positive for infection.

Just a week before his scheduled initial heartworm injection, Jack's blood work came back as infection free and heartworm free.

At that time, Jack was put up for adoption. He's still looking for his forever home. Keila says it will take a special family to convince her Jack will be happy. The two of them have formed a special bond since last July.

Jack enjoys staying near people, right down to hanging with his "Mama Keila" in the kitchen, along with the other cats and dogs in her care. He gets along with everyone, and plays like a puppy.

Jack bounces like a rabbit when he runs, much to the amusement anyone fortunate enough to witness this miracle boy.

Before starting Hooves and Paws of the Upstate, Keila worked on a horse farm. She saves the animals in the most need, and hopes to someday expand her rescue to include humans.

Her dream is to allow those in the community who wonder where their next meal is coming from to be able to help care for the animals in exchange for a hot meal.

A single mother of a teen, Keila also offers pet sitting services at a reasonable fee. Anything to raise the funds necessary to care for her rescues, while at the same time allowing her to provide for her family.

If you'd like to make a donation to her rescue, you can do so by clicking here.

Please share Jack's story. If you'd like to offer this big sweetheart a forever home, you can contact Keila via Facebook.

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