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Beautiful lab stolen in front of her owner in Pineville, Louisiana; REWARD

Jason and Madly, who was abducted in Pineville, Louisiana
Jason and Madly, who was abducted in Pineville, Louisiana

A dog has been stolen right out from under her owner in Louisiana, and the hunt is on to catch her abductor, Facebook reported January 19.

The rescue group BARK - Boudreaux's Animal Rescue Krewe told the story of how a young man named Jason was visiting his in-laws in Pineville. He allowed his dog out Thursday, January 16 and the dog was stolen right in front of him on the corner of Highway 107 and Pete's Lane, which is located about 200 yards from Highway 454.

Madly is a 4-year-old female white Lab and has papers to prove her bloodline. She also has a small blue tattoo on her belly from when she was spayed. The tattoo is a group of small circles or dogs.

The abductor's were driving a dark blue and grey two-tone extended cab Dodge truck. These low-life's had the guts to pull over while Madley was using the bathroom in the ditch and snatched her up before Jason could get to her. He chased the truck on foot, but was unable to get a clear view of the license number.

Jason has done a bit of research, and has learned dog snatching is common in the Pineville/Center Point area around Highway 454 and Highway 107/

Jason lives in Boulder, Colorado, and says Madly has traveled the world with him and his family. In his plea for help Jason explained the special relationship shared between the family and Madly

"We can't have kids so she's considered our daughter. I live in Boulder Colorado and will be here until I find our daughter."

Jason plans to remain in Pineville visiting his in-laws on Pete's Lane until his dog has been returned to him. A reward is also being offered for her safe return.

Please share this article, especially in the Louisiana area. A dog as beautiful as Madly will be easily recognized. She has a certain glow about her. Please keep an eye out on Craig's List, as dogs are more often than not stolen to be sold. You can contact Jason with any information or concerns at (830)569-7780.

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