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Beautiful German Shepherd stolen from his Crosby, Texas home

Sammy was stolen from his home in Crosby, Texas
Sammy was stolen from his home in Crosby, Texas
Kara Soto

A beautiful German Shepherd has been stolen, and his family is desperate to get him back home.

Sammy came into the life of Kara Soto on July 24, 2013, when he was purchased from a breeder. He was very shy and afraid in the beginning, but Kara kept him by here side taking him everywhere with her.

He spent the first few weeks of his new life sleeping in Kara's arms at night, where he took up most of the bed.

Sammy became a happy dog, greeting Kara every morning and walking her to her car. When she came home from work, he would run to the car and wait for Kara to open the car door. Sammy would jump into the car before Kara could get out. He loved his family and he loved the children in his neighborhood.

It was from that very neighborhood that Sammy was stolen from his yard. On January 31, 2014, Sammy was taken from his Crosby, Texas home, leaving his owner heartbroken and worried. He was taken from the area between Business 90 and New 90 on Gulf Pump Road.

There are a couple of ATV/off-road parks close to the residence, as well as Loves Marina. Sammy could be anywhere in this area, or he could have been transported out of the area.

Kara says there have been several dogs stolen in the Crosby area recently, and she fears the worst. Just as in many other areas of the United States, people are stealing dogs with the purpose of selling them on Craigslist.

Kara won't rest until Sammy is found, and is once again by her side. If you've seen him, please contact Kara at or (281)704-1903.

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