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Beautiful German Shepherd in NY needs a loving home after behavioral training

Dante needs a home where his owners are experienced in dog behavior

A beautiful dog is in need of a very special home due to behavioral issues, Facebook reported March 18.

Dante is a 15-month-old German Shepherd who came to the U.S. from Germany. He's located in the Suffolk County, New York area at this time. This very protective dog is up to date on his vaccines, and has also been neutered.

The protection aspect of his personality is the major concern in trying to find him a home where he'll fit in. According to the Facebook post, Dante is set to go to behavioral training, then he'll be adopted out.

This gorgeous guy is great with his family, but becomes protective of them when they have visitors. Sadly, his family isn't wanting to put any more effort into training him, despite a professional trainer who offered to work with Dante.

The family doesn't want to put any more time or money into correcting his behavioral problems, despite the trainer describing Dante as "totally fixable."

The family had even set an appointment up to have Dante euthanized on Saturday, even though he's just a protective baby.

Dante needs a special family to step up for him. He needs experienced owners who are willing to bring him to a trainer. It's recommended the ideal family not have any kids. Dante is good with other dogs, but not with cats.

Because of his special circumstances the adoption fee has been waived.

Tina Zinn posted on the Facebook thread

"I am picking Dante up tomorrow around noon. He will be going to an exceptional trainer who works exclusively with GSDs and is very experienced with German imports. He will get the trainjng he needs then will be placed with the recommendation of the trainer to assure Dante's safety and lifetime of happiness."

There was no contact information provided on the thread, but if you're interested in adoption, Tina is an active animal advocate and can be reached via Facebook. Serious inquiries can also be posted on the original Facebook thread.

Please share Dante's story. He'll make an excellent companion for the right family. German Shepherd's are known as protector's. It's sad his previous family didn't respect that aspect of his personality.

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