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Beautiful ecofriendly flooring options

Bamboo is a sustainable option for floors.
Bamboo is a sustainable option for floors.
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Ecofriendly flooring is gaining in popularity. New flooring requires an abundance of material. Why not choose a green option? There are a wide variety of choices for environmentally conscious floor coverings. Some are made from sustainable products. Others are made from recycled materials. Some are harvested from the floors and walls of older homes.


Bamboo is a quick growing, therefore, sustainable flooring material. Flooring made of bamboo is very durable and quite beautiful. Bamboo is actually a grass. It's able to grow in about 4 years time. It has the appearance of hardwood without the expense. This green flooring option has very little environmental impact. It's grown on bamboo farms, rather than taken from the wild.


Cork is an interesting option for green flooring. Cork is actually harvested from living trees. Surprisingly, the harvesting of cork benefits the growth of the trees, making cork very high in sustainability. Cork floors provide a comfortable walking surface. They absorb noise well. Cork should only be used on very level surfaces.


Who knew linoleum was ecofriendly? It's also durable and biodegradable. There are no harmful fumes associated with linoleum. It can be made from a variety of materials. Some of these materials are recycled. Others are renewable. Linseed oil, flax, and wood flour are some of the ingredients found in these green floors.

Recycled hardwoods

Normally we think of using hardwood floors in less than environmentally friendly terms. Recycled hardwood flooring can be harvested from old buildings and used in new construction. Why cut down new growth when such an option is available? Hardwoods are very durable. This makes them ideal candidates for recycled flooring.

Sustainable wood

Sustainable wood is wood that grows quickly. Trees can be replanted and harvested many times over in one person's lifetime. Using sustainable wood means less impact on the environment. Think of sustainable wood as a renewable resource. Unlike some longer growing trees and other natural resources, sustainable wood is easily replenished and environmentally sound.

Recycled glass tiles

Glass tiles can be made from 100% recycled glass. These are a green option for small flooring areas such as half baths. They're easy to clean and absolutely beautiful. Floors and other areas can be custom designed due to the large variety of sizes and colors available. No one will ever suspect these beautiful floor and wall tiles were made from recycled materials.


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This article was previously published on Yahoo! By this author. It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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