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Beautiful dog in upstate SC needs a loving home with 24/7 companionship

Shadow, located in upstate SC, needs a special family
Shadow, located in upstate SC, needs a special family
Facebook: Abby's Animal Angels

Shadow, formerly known as Air Bud, is once again looking for his loving forever home, Abby's Animal Angels reported March 4. He needs a loving home with 24/7 companionship.

Shadow went into long-term foster care last fall for his heartworm treatment after being rescued from Greenville County Animal Care Services. He did well on the first part of the two part treatment, but had a reaction to the second part.

Shadow went to a home where plans were to adopt him, and where he could be treated for heartworms using the slow kill method. Shadow also needed to be neutered, but the procedure was postponed until he would be better able to withstand anesthesia.

That adoption fell through, and Shadow ended up with a family in Pauline, South Carolina.

Now for the dilemma. Shadow is an escape artist. He has the power to escape, where he'll then pay a visit to the people living in his neighborhood. The last person who took Shadow in had him checked for a microchip, and the information came back showing Abby's Animal Angels as his owner.

Shadow also has problems with being alone. He panics, and it's very important to get him into the perfect home. One where he'll be around his family 24/7. Shadow loves kids and does well with other dogs. He also loves going on car rides, especially when it means the kids in his family are being picked up from school.

Jennifer Stacy Remeta with Abby's now has him, and he couldn't be in better hands. He's come a long way since being a euthanasia list dog in Greenville. She can be reached via Facebook if you're interested in adopting this special boy.

Please share his story with friends, especially those in upstate South Carolina. Shadow needs a family who understands his love of family, and who will ensure he's never alone again.

You can follow Shadow here on Facebook. Keep their wonderful rescue in mind when you donate to animals in need. Abby's Animal Angels is a 501c3 non-profit. They're known for taking the toughest cases, rescuing dogs on death row on a weekly basis.

It's good that Shadow is back with them, until the perfect home can be found for him.

A fundraiser has also been set up in memory of Trooper, a rescued puppy who was passed away recently, unable to overcome the damage of being found half frozen in the cold. That link is here.

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