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Beautiful Daisy, GCACS rescue with multiple health problems, needs donations

Daisy at the shelter, then on her freedom ride
Daisy at the shelter, then on her freedom ride

Daisy was surrendered to Greenville County Animal Care Services, a high volume kill shelter in SC because the owner said they were allergic to her.

Daisy is 7 years old and about to give birth. She is a 40 pound hound mix. Home At Last pulled her yesterday from the Greenville shelter. Her original Facebook thread is here.

The shelter said she was heartworm neg. When the foster in South Carolina picked her up, it was discovered Daisy is heartworm positive.

Daisy also has demodex mange down her neck in front and has severe ear infections X-rays also revealed she also has pneumonia. She also has bladder stones and her teeth are broken. Her vet believes Daisy gnawed at metal for a long time, severely damaging her teeth.

Please help Home At Last give this poor mama the vet care she needs to save not only her but also her puppies. A YouCaring webpage is here.

This is definitely one dog where it will 'take a village' to see her made healthy and whole.

Daisy is currently hospitalized, where she's receiving the best of care for all of her health problems. It's also said she has the staff at the vet wrapped around her little paw. Everyone who meets this girl falls in love with her.

Natalie Powell with Home at Last Dog Rescue is the rescue, Celeste Grant Blake and Elaine Gayle are co-fosters -- Celeste for puppy piece, and Elaine is taking Daisy for her surgical needs and heartworm treatment.

On top of all of this, Daisy could have her puppies at any time.

Sharing Daisy's story is the easy part. Think of all the work the rescue, fosters and vet staff will have in getting her healthy, then finding this beautiful girl a forever home.

Please donate a few dollars if you can, and share regardless. The photo of Daisy shows her first at the shelter, then on her freedom ride.

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