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Beautiful brindle boxer reunited with her family after missing for 9 months

Avery with Liz Klavetter
Avery with Liz Klavetter
Facebook: Elizabeth Klavetter

A dog was found nine months after she went missing from her yard in Minnesota, Star Tribune reported March 18.

Avery, a 2-year-old boxer, vanished from her yard in Sandstone on June 28, 2013. She got past an invisible fence, and never found her way back home. Chad and Liz Klaveter, Avery's owners, were afraid the worst had happened and they'd never see their beloved dog again.

The family did everything they could to find Avery. They posted flyers, alerted the local sheriff, and informed area shelters that Avery had gone missing.

Liz dreamed about Avery less than a month ago, and was grief-stricken to wake up and realize her dog was still missing.

Then a call came in on March 17 from a microchip company informing her that Avery had been found. Heather Brewer, a Cambridge resident, devotes much of her time as an animal advocate. She fosters, rescues and rehabilitate dogs, especially the bully breeds.

Somehow, Avery had found her way to a woman's Beroun home, looking sad and hungry, but amazingly in good shape. Since Heather is well known in the area as a rescuer, the woman contacted her.

Heather dropped everything and went to pick up Avery. Thanks to Facebook: Minnesota Dogs in Danger, Heather was able to contact the Klavetters once getting the microchip checked. The family had relocated 30 miles north of their previous home to Barnum.

Avery had been well cared for by someone during her missing months. She had been spayed, she had a new collar and her nails had been done.

Avery jumped into Heather's car, and the family met her half way in a Pine City parking lot. Liz was ecstatic, and there were tears all the way around. All of this was made possible by a microchip. Liz said through her tears

“I was hesitant to believe it was her after all those months."

Now Avery has a Husky companion, as well as her black lab BFF to keep her company.

This story goes to show how important it is to have your pet microchipped. Social media is responsible each year for thousands of happy reunions like this one. Be sure to network any missing pet articles with friends, especially those living in the area where the pet was last seen.

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