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Beautiful Bengal mix, now in foster care in West Colorado, needs loving home

Lu Ann Herman

Meet Taj, a Bengal mix kitty Lu Ann Herman of Planet Kitty has in foster. Because he doesn't like her other cats he's having to be isolated in a seperate room which is very counterproductive to his needs. He very much likes to be with people! he is also very high energy.

Taj needs a forever home
Lu Ann Herman

Please be aware that Taj may need to be an only cat, since he tends to demand a lot of attention

Taj is a very large neutered Bengal mix with lots of energy!! (DSH/Bengal/Oriental Mix). While he may not look like a Bengal, he very much has the Bengal personality. He's about 2.5 years old and does well with dogs but not so great with other cats.

If you aren't well familiarized with Bengals, you're going to need to do some research. Taj is very smart, and because of his high energy, he will need exercise daily. (He can also be walked with a harness and leash outdoors). Taj is a very verbal as well as affectionate kitty who loves to climb to high places and is also very curious.

Should you be his lucky new permanent guardian, he will make himself very at home in your house and will gladly explore your cabinets and drawers. Taj loves to be with his people!! He will follow you from room to room and rush to your side when you come home from a long day of work. Part of his personality traits can be very doglike.

Taj is currently being fostered but cannot stay permanently where he is due to other kitties in the household. (He right now is living in his own separate quarters which he doesn't care for at all and because of this his situation is turning urgent!) Lu Ann wants to find him the perfect permanent inside only home now.

Previous to his current foster home, Taj was malnourished and underweight. He also has to be on a special diet to prevent future bladder infections.

If you are prepared for a lifetime of love and devotion, as well as love and appreciate this large lanky Bengal mix, please inquire at . Taj is located in Western Colorado.