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Beautiful Beaches: Bandon by the Sea in Oregon

The Oregon coastline is one of the most beautiful on the West Coast - ruggedly merging earthly elements and nature into pristine scenes of majesty. Perhaps one of Oregon's most beautiful beaches is in Bandon, a place where dramatic sea stacks provide ideal backdrops to sunsets that reflect a rainbow of colors. Sea stacks are rocky remnants of headlands that have been eroded by the twin forces of wind and water. The outcomes are isolated craggy outcrops that provide texture, depth, and pattern to a photographer's paradise.

Bandon by the Sea
Karin Leperi

The most famous of the outcroppings is the appropriately named Face Rock. Legend has it that an Indian princess named Ewauna was so enchanted with the sea that she took her dog and a basket of kittens for an evening swim during the full moon. Though her dog barked a warning, she swam further and further from shore, eventually becoming captive to the sea. Her kittens were scattered close by in the swirling waters. Unable to return, she is forever memorialized - ever gazing toward the sky and the full moon.

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