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Beautiful Baths: featuring Evian Water

Hotel Victor

Hotel Victor is located in the posh section of Florida known as South Beach. This hotel's spa known as Spa V offers an exclusive bath known as the Evian Water bath. Not only does this water taste great and provides hydration for the body, it has been known to purify senses and revitalize the skin.

The bath requires 1000 one liter bottles of the popular and expensive french mineral water. A 350 gallon infinity tub is then filled with Evian water where you body's thirst is quenched. This luxurious spa treatment is priced at 11,000 dollars alone. As a guest at the hotel the treatment will be discounted at 5000 dollars providing the 6000 dollar a night suite is rented.

The hotel also has a special edition variation of the bath using only Christian La Roux Evian water, which is known to keep the skin supple and also serves as a detoxification for the body. This treatment carries a price tag of 13,000 dollars. Celebrities like Serena Williams have indulged in this pricey but glamorous bath.