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Beautiful Bags to Behold

Diane Von Furstenburg Egypt Tote
Diane Von Furstenburg Egypt Tote

Sack,  pappillon, clutch, tote, satchel, purse, all of these words are synonymous with a woman's most coveted, and held accessory: the handbag. Most every woman who holds the title of diva, it-girl, and fashionista would never be caught empty handed without one. After all, these leather Sass and Bide skinny jeans have no pocket space, right? Whether we stow them away under our arms, dangling from the crook of our elbows, horizontally straddled across our decolletages, or grasped delicately between our fingertips, we carry them all.

Here are the latest trends in handbags.
The minuscule monetary necessity, the coin-purse, has been in style since the modern woman's emergence in the early 1900's. Coin purses come in all tiny shapes and sizes, oblong, diamond, cubed, elliptical, and the classic clamshell shape. It's a timeless look. They also come in fabrics of silk, satin, leather, translucent neon plastic, it was quite popular during that disco-hippie epoque of the 60's and 70's. (Let's see if that gaudy trend re-emerges again in this decade!)

The coveted clutch: Vintage clutches feature no strings attached, and must be kept in your hands or under the arms at all times. Today's modern girl want's the glam without the fabulous fuss. Many designers have incorporated micro mini leather, braided, metal chains and spaghetti straps to keep your it-bag accessorizing your outfit and not the dinner table.Try these new bags on for style and size.

Crossbody/Totes/Messenger Bags: Everyone who's ever read a book, from trendy fashion design students to the quirky chemistry major has probably donned these classic bags. The year 2010 brings in the new, and out with the old. Today's messenger bags are bright, colorful, textured, and loaded with accessories and features and fabrics, like iPod carriers and docks, horizontally shaped logo's and hardware and zippers, textured leathers suede's, and even eco-chic faux leather for the PETA divas.

Enjoy these latest trends. Part 2 coming soon.
Shop uniquely. Shop defensively.



  • shukuru 5 years ago

    I love the first bag! The bold print is very chic! I actually enjoyed most of the purses and plan on buying a new one asap! Thanks for the info and the history lesson.

  • shukuru2 5 years ago

    I love the first purse it's quite chic and the zebra print is nice also. I plan on buying a purse asap! Thanks for the info as well as the history lesson on the coin purse, very interesting.

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