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Beautiful 9-year-old dog in need of medication missing from his Pauline home

Mickey is missing from Pauline, SC
Mickey is missing from Pauline, SC
Leo Kane

A dog is missing in Spartanburg County, and his owner is desperate to get him home.

Mickey, a 9-year-old beauty, has never left the family at any time in the past. On March 27, he disappeared from his Pauline, South Carolina home around 7 p.m.. His owner, Leo Kane, is very worried about his dog. Mickey has a health condition that requires him to take medication.

Pauline is a small rural unincorporated community located in Spartanburg County. What makes this story all the more baffling for the close-knit community is the number of dogs that have recently gone missing there.

Three other dogs have gone missing over the past three weeks. All have disappeared from the street where Mickey lives. Mickey is neutered, so it isn't likely he wandered from home seeking a female dog.

Upstate South Carolina has been noted in the news over the past year due to the increase in family pets who go missing. While many escape their yard, the question has come up as to whether many of these dogs had a little help.

Craigslist in the Greenville area has been filled with dogs for sale advertisements. In searching for lost dogs to report on, I'll often find three or four who go missing in the same area at around the same time.

Please keep an eye out for Mickey, and share his story. Especially with friends in the Spartanburg area. Also keep an eye out for any Craigslist advertisements.

If seen or found, you can contact Leo at 864-313-0760.

For more information on missing upstate dogs, and things you can do to protect your pets, please read this article by fellow Examiner Lisa Lasky.

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