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Beauprez speaking at grassroots activist training this weekend

Beauprez and Northern Colorado Tea Party Director Lesley Hollywood at  the Dallas Summit  in January
Beauprez and Northern Colorado Tea Party Director Lesley Hollywood at the Dallas Summit in January
Kathleen Baker

American Majority and the John Hancock Alliance for the States have announced their final speaker list for this weekend’s Post Party Summit in Denver, a national tour aimed at training candidates and activists at the local and state governmental levels. Former U.S. Congressman Bob Beauprez will join’s Erick Erickson for the opening night dinner. Other speakers include:

• Ned Ryun, former presidential writer for George W. Bush and President of American Majority,

• Denis Calabrese, a communications consultant specializing in strategic planning, governmental affairs consulting, public relations and media relations and the former Chief-of-Staff for now retired Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Richard Armey, and

• Herman Eben, founder of Trim Tab Solutions, a company dedicated to leadership and organization coaching.

The two-day event includes dinner and speakers on Friday night with a full day of training the following day. The workshops are divided into three segments: Grassroots Organizing, Online Activism, and Implementing Freedom. The Grassroots Organizing workshops will focus on media training, building effective coalitions, micro-targeting precincts, and developing creative leadership. The second focus area is Online Activism, including online image management, creative messaging, and wiki/blog training. The final segment, Implementing Freedom, will train participants in running effective political campaigns.

Organizers are expecting a large turnout. Last weekend's Summit in Pittsburgh drew more than 260 participants. For more information on the Summit, please visit the event’s website.

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  • Pat Conroy 5 years ago

    I really wish I could attend this, but I have friends coming from Texas. Do you think it would be too rude if I was in Aurora when they arrived???? LOL!

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