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Beau- a Valentine's Day Miracle, FOUND YOU!

Beau was rushed to the ER on a Friday evening where blood tests revealed he was in acute renal failure. They said he'd ingested a poison but couldn't guess what toxin could've produced such extreme indicators. The Vet said that no cat has been brought back from these numbers and they advised that Beau be let go. They prepared him for the euthanasia and brought him back to ask the lady if she wanted some more time with him first. She sat with Beau for awhile alone, in shock and sobbing. For the first time ever he climb up and 'kissed' her face. She was conflicted. She prayed aloud for a miracle. Next was the most surreal thing. She asked Beau if he was ready and he climbed into her lap and pressed his head against her chest as she stroked him and said that if he planned to live he'd have to be healed completely by Sunday. She couldn't afford to continue to provide treatment for him after this. He kissed her again. This was amazing because Beau is a young outdoor cat from a feral colony who was suddenly behaving as though he'd been someone's long loved pet. Having been advised that medical intervention would not likely work, she believed for a miracle and promised to tell everyone the story!

Growing Up Dupsey
Angela Mancinelli Photography & Art
Beau's Miracle
Angela Mancinelli Photography & Art

They came to deliver the euthanasia. She told the Vet that Beau will fight this weekend in medical care. She said she'd pick him up Sunday one way or the other because that's all she could pay for. She was advised again that Beau has a "grave prognosis", but they did as she asked and the Vet scooped up Beau and went bolting down the hall "We have to act now, he should already be dead". Saturday evening she was called in by the Vet to discuss Beau's lack of medical progress and euthanasia. His numbers were still off the charts. She declined the euthanasia again and hoped.

Sunday was the same story and the toxins weren't budging enough. The Vet was on the phone telling her to come say goodbye. There was no saving him. Her reply, "I believe.". Suddenly she heard the Vet yell with someone at the clinic, "What? Wait. HOLD ON!" He said to her, "Let me call you back!" and didn't even bother hanging up the phone as he ran off. Later when they spoke again, she told them that her money was run out and needed to know about Beau. They told her to come in. She prepared herself on the short ride that she may arrive to him already dead or would just love him through the euthanasia process. She cried. Upon arrival they set her up in a private room and she waited for the worst. They rolled a pole in with bags and tubes hanging from it and Beau followed in feebly with a dish around his neck. She was left alone with Beau for some time. He tried to play with her. It was devastating to see him alive one last time.

A different Vet came in and sat and said, "I've heard so much about Beau and I'd like to have some time with him". She put her palms together and her elbows on her knees leaning forward. She said, "You need to understand that what has happened here is a miracle. We have no explanation. There is nothing more he needs, nothing you have to do. There is no sign that anything was ever wrong." The Vet explained that they wanted to make sure he was stable since the case was so unusual and considering that the bill is paid through morning they both agreed it would be acceptable.

Sunday, Valentine's Day, the day he would be picked up one way or the other, he was healed suddenly and that night he chewed his catheter off. Monday morning the staff said that Beau was the sweetest cat they'd treated and they enjoyed him and would miss his love, but joked that he seemed to be planning a bust that night. Thankful for the miracle, the lady decided Beau would become her long time loved pet and scooped him up. At home after lavishing him with kisses and treats, she told Beau's story.

To Katie Cole, dear friend and talented musician, thank you for including Beau in your music video for "Found You" !

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