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Beatrix Girls return to Toy Fair with expanded merchandise line

The Beatrix Girls, the "pop star" doll band that debuted at Toy Fair last year, staged a big return to the toy expo last month with an expanded product line including instruments, fashions, electronics, accessories and new original songs.

The Beatrix Girls in the recording studio.

“The Beatrix Girls made an incredible debut at retail last holiday season and their fans are eager to see what we have in store for the band this year,” said Sherry Gunther Shugerman, CEO of PopStarClub, Inc, which manufactures the Beatrix Girls merchandise.

“We attribute this success to the fact that The Beatrix Girls are more than just another doll line,” adds Shugerman. “It’s a 360-degree entertainment property offering original music, original video webisodes, an immersive digital experience and a fully developed back-story that keeps girls fully engaged, inspired, and most of all, empowered with the mindset that through teamwork and hard work, anything is possible.”

Indeed, the product has inspired a “premium package” tie-in with Peavey Electronics, in which each of the dolls—“front doll”/guitarist Brayden, drummer Ainsley, bassist Lark and keyboardist Chantal—is packaged with a corresponding Peavey signature instrument, along with a VIP pass that unlocks the latest songs and webisodes via the Beatrix Girls website.

As the dolls have been created to approximate a real girl rock band, with each member set-up with her own fully developed personality, music is a key marketing hook.

“It’s a pop star band, so we created original music,” said Shugerman, a two-time Emmy-winning producer and studio exec whose credits include The Simpsons, Rugrats and Family Guy.

Beatrix Girls’ music is available digitally at Amazon and iTunes. The group also has its own fan club.

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