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Beatnuts live at Nectars


The Beatnuts will be live at Nectars on Wednesday September 16 as a new trend in Burlington's favorite true school hip-hop night. Last week the DJ spun Off the Books, a Beatnuts' collaboration on Big Pun's Endangered Species, to wet our pallet. This week the real thing will be bringing their 1990 style and hopefully expose us to new music. Their heavy beats and party lyrics are perfect for this venue while their passion for the stage should propel the new Wednesday night at Nectars.

They debuted in 1993 with the album Intoxicated Demons: the EP. Songs like Reign of the Tec featured grimy rhymes over raw jazzy beats. Take it or Squeeze it  became a fan favorite due to the success of No Escaping This and Contact, but not before the classic Musical Massacre blew the charts in 1999. Watch Out Now came to epitomize their perfect production and Latino roots.

JuJu and Psycho Les are the remaining members that will perform tomorrow night. Deriving from the Dominican Republic and Columbia they represent Latin American hip-hop in the void left behind by Big Pun. Experience the masters of sampling on stage and rekindle your love for classic nuts.


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