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Beatles remasters box sets pricing details out there with a little sleuthing

       The cover of the remastered "Please Please Me" album. 
        (Copyright Apple Corps Ltd.)

There has been no official release of information on pricing and the look of the Beatles remastered box sets, but it's already starting to pop up in retailer's ads and listings.

HMV in the UK has the British stereo box online at a list price (the highest price you could expect to pay) of £204.99, which translates to roughly $331.95 at current exchange rates. But, as most dealers will do, they're selling it at a discounted price of £181.99, which translates to $296.18, roughly.

The mono set is shown at high list for £239.99, which is $374.17 at current US dollar exchange rates.  HMV's discounted price is £212.99, which translates, at current exchange rates, to roughly $346.39.

HMV doesn't have pictures of the boxes, but the new printed Fest for Beatles Fans catalog does, though they're quite small and show very little detail. The pictures aren't on their website.

Of course, for American buyers, the question is how close these prices will be to what they'll have to pay. 

American price information is expected shortly.


  • Rock Singer 5 years ago

    Let's hope the pricing is some kind of JOKE !!!

  • Smitty 5 years ago

    Are the Fabs and their inner circle on LSD?
    How can people in this terrible economy be required to shell out $300 for each box set, no matter how great it is?

    Oh yeah, plus Rock Band and McCartney's tour with probably crazy ticket prices.

    Any money left to see Love in Vegas???

    Or, to steal a line from Dylan: "Love AND Theft!"

  • Michael Hockinson 5 years ago

    Right now, I'm enjoying the Deluxe Edition of "The Who Sell Out", which I ordered from Australia for $25. For my money I got two CDs: the first features the original stereo album remastered with 17 bonus cuts, including three previously unreleased tracks. The second disc offers the original mono album remastered with 10 bonus cuts, including two previously unreleased tracks. The fold-out digi-pac includes alternate shots from the cover session along with a 28-page booklet of essays, illustrated with relevant period photos and advertisements. The remaster is a revelatory upgrade to the previous remaster done in 1995.

    Meanwhile over at EMI...

    There are no bonus cuts on the new stereo remasters, not even the relevant singles, which would have made reissuing Past Masters CDs unnecessary. If you want the mono mixes, you have to buy another expensive box set.

    The concept of "value for the money" used to mean something to the Beatles. That no longer seems to be the case...

  • walterfive 5 years ago

    No joke, I fear. I'll stick with my Dr. Ebbetts monos, thanks, and continue to wait for the 5.1 official releases... should be about 2025 if the length we waited for this set's any indication...

  • joelcrowservo 5 years ago

    The individual CDs would have to be something like 20 bucks apiece in this box to make the nearly 400.00 list. I really have no idea who they think will find that a good idea and buy it!

  • Jim T 5 years ago

    Amazon UK has much better prices...£134.59 for the regular set and £157.99 for the mono set.

  • Eric M. 5 years ago

    Sadly, I knew the box sets were going to be around $300 although I'm still hoping that the price does come down a bit.

  • 5 years ago

    While I can't find the box sets listed on the US Amazon site, if you ordered all of the stereo remasters at their listed prices right now, the whole set would cost $207. That's the individual discs going for $13, $14 or $15 each and the double sets for $18 and $20 each. I would think there would be a further discount for a box set (there usually is for CDs or DVDs in this type of configuration). So I'd guess $189 might be a fair price for the stereo set.

    As for the mono set, I'm assuming this will be marketed as a collectible, limited edition set - how else can they justify it costing more?

  • Tom 5 years ago

    Wait. How does the Mono box cost more than the Stereo box when there is less in it? That doesn't make sense..

  • BeatleJim 5 years ago

    If the price for the mono box set is set around $300.00, I'll stick with the excellent Purple Chick series.

  • BeatleJim 5 years ago

    If the American prices for the mono box set hovers around $300 then I'll stick with the superb Purple Chick remasters.

  • Freis968 5 years ago

    There really is no need to buy the stereo boxset other than having a box to store the CDs in and having all of the mini featurettes on one DVD! I don't see that being worth more money just for a box and the convenience of having all the docs on one disc. Most people these days can put all the docs on one disc or stream them from their computer to their PS3 into their living room anyway!

    I did not grow up hearing the later albums in mono so the mono set is really no incentive for me. I would buy it however at a bargain basement price if it was that way, but not no premium price.

    The boxsets must be reserved for people not experiencing any economic setbacks as they are priced outrageously in my opinion.

  • Pete 5 years ago here in Canada is listing the mono box at $288.99 (that's about $262 US at today's exchange rate).

    Still pricey though...

  • fireman 5 years ago

    give me money whole alot of money

  • Nico 5 years ago

    Perhaps the pricing structure is a ruse to make more money for Paulies mates Mick'n'Keef as no-one is buying the ridiculous Stones Universal remasters that give the fan nothing of value. Unless you call high compression and slack editing a bargain. I'm convinced record companies have no idea how to sell to the dwindling numbers of us left who still want to buy a product rather than a downloadable file.

  • Matt Talvi 5 years ago

    I'll just have to cherry pick, then. WHITE ALBUM, ABBEY ROAD, REVOLVER, PEPPER, MMT, RUBBER SOUL...geez, that's more than half the catalogue already!
    I'm praying Newberry Comics has a decent, discounted price...

  • Colin Grant 5 years ago

    Having just seen the HMV mono details, I was surprised there was no Yellow Submarine. It did come out in mono because I have the vinyl original to prove it. However I agree with everyone else, the prices for both box sets are way over the top.

  • Jon 5 years ago

    They absolutely should have put the relevant singles on the original albums as bonus cuts and deleted the Past Masters CDs. That's what I'll do anyway. Yes, the Beatles used to say they wanted to provide value for the money. Now.... About the comment that...most people already know how from their computer to their PS3 in their living room..., I wouldn't bet on it.

  • Lynn McKenzie 5 years ago

    If you convert to US dollars from the Amazon UK prices, then the mono set is about $260 and the stereo $220. Not nearly as bad, although still pricier than I'd like.

    When will Amazon get the boxes up?!

  • S Wilbury 5 years ago

    I bet some stores will sell them at $199.99...especially on BLACK FRIDAY...

  • MACLEN 5 years ago

    We're getting carried away here. If you add up all of the prices at AMAZON for the individual CD's it comes to $208.84. The box has to be less than that, certainly NOT MORE.

  • Marco 5 years ago

    The UK Official Beatles Online Shop,
    which can be accessed from The Beatles Official Site, shows pictures of both Box Sets with prices!

  • Pete 5 years ago

    The box set pics over at the UK store do look nice. But I certainly hope there's more than just CD's in there! A nice book perhaps?

    Lynn Mckenzie: You're a bit off in your UK/US pricing conversion. At $1.63 US for a UK pound, the stereo set would be US$325 and the mono US$342.

    Anyway, I'm hoping the US pricing for the box sets will be in the $200 range. Otherwise I think a lot of folks will pass. I know I will.

  • Pete 5 years ago

    Lynn M: sorry, you're right... I was looking at the Beatles UK store pricing. But I agree with you, even at Amazon UK prices it's still a lot of cash!