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Beatles Painting - In Memory of My Brother

The Beatles / Artist - Robert Ciao
The Beatles / Artist - Robert Ciao
Sheree L. Ciao

In memory of my brother Robert, I'm sharing with you one of his many great works of art, a portrait of the Beatles.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles, when over 70 million Americans first met/viewed them on the stage of "The Ed Sullivan Show," Sunday, February 9th, 1964.

My brother, quiet and pensive, loved all things music and art. He went on to paint a portrait of 'The Fab Four' from a picture that appeared on a magazine cover years ago. It won him a scholarship, one of six altogether in our hometown of Rochester, New York. He left behind great works of art, once being compared to Van Gogh.

Cliche yes, but true, the good die young, and often times tragic. Like John Lennon and George Harrison. Memories, songs, art, talent, left behind, hovering above us in a ghost-like thought we'll never be able to grasp - 'why were they taken when so much more could have been accomplished?'

To Paul McCartney and Ringo Star, Happy 50th Anniversay. George and John, thank you for the songs you left behind.

And to my brother, though you never achieved fame or fortune in your lifetime, you were always a star in our eyes. You were a great talent gone too soon, leaving us with portraits and paintings, reminding us on the anniversary of one of your favorite bands how very much we miss you.

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