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Beatles news: Seeing 'Yellow Submarine' come alive; 'Things We Said Today'

Pictures of Ron Campbell in San Francisco.
Pictures of Ron Campbell in San Francisco.
Steve Marinucci - used by permission.

We spent several hours with “Yellow Submarine” animator Ron Campbelll July 11 at Antiquities of California in San Francisco on beautiful Pier 39. We had a great time discussing when he worked on the Beatles cartoon series and the movies. It was also fun to see people come in and look at his pictures and make a choice and buy them.

"Yellow Submarine" animator Ron Campbell in San Francisco Friday.
Steve Marinucci - used by permission

Ron does a great thing if you buy a picture from him at the show. He writes out a custom certificate of authenticity with your choice of animation drawings on it. So you can have your COA with the “Yellow Submarine” or cartoon Beatles, the Flying Glove, Jeremy Boob or whatever you want.

He'll be at Antiquities on Pier 39 today from noon until 6 p.m. PT. If you park in the main parking lot and get a restaurant validation, two hours of parking are free. And you can see some pictures of our visit on this page. While you're there, also visit the Hard Rock Cafe nearby and see their Beatles and other memorabilia.

Things We Said Today”: We have not one but two “Things We Said Today” shows for your enjoyment this week. On the first show, we have author Dave Morrell, author of “Horse-Doggin', Volume 1,” with his stories of meeting the Beatles and collecting Beatles memorabilia. Dave is also the guy who showed John Lennon a BBC session bootleg and also knows firsthand about the rediscovery of “Train Music.”

The second show is Ken's review of Paul McCartney's Albany show. You can catch them both today on and on our Podbean site. Let's face it: Ken Michaels and I love to talk Beatles. We can't stop. We hope you enjoy the shows.

Online specials: Until 6 p.m. ET Sunday, Pop Market has special prices on Paul McCartney's deluxe "McCartney" reissue and Ringo's singles box. Until 6 p.m. Monday, they have discounts on the George Harrison: Living in the Material World" deluxe set and the John Lennon "Box of Vision."

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