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Beatles news: McCartney secret session; more new Beatles releases?

Screens from "The Beatles in London" Apple app.
Screens from "The Beatles in London" Apple app.
Appenism - used by permission.

Aerosmith's Joe Perry's been talking about a recording project involving himself and Paul McCartney, reports the Boston Herald July 27. “I did a [recording] session with Paul McCartney a month and a half ago for a private thing,” Perry told the Chicago Sun-Time. “He just happens to be a mother——g huge talent! Everyone’s in the room at once. You play until you get a good take.” Perry says also in the studio were Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp. “The three of us are looking at each other like, hey, we’re sitting here with Paul McCartney!”

Joe Perry has revealed he's been in the recording studio with Paul McCartney.
Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images

Mystery listings: It's only July and we already know about the Beatles mono vinyl box that's been announced for Sept. 9 and the George Harrison stuff that's likely to come. Is there more? Apparently so. September could be a very busy and possibly expensive month with some new links that have popped up on

Two mysterious CDs titled “Icon” listed as from Capitol Records by Ringo Starr and John Lennon and shown with release dates of Sept. 9, the same day as the mono vinyl box set is to be released, are now in view on Amazon. Neither of these has yet been announced by Capitol Records/Universal Music Group, and there's no information on what they'll contain, though a good guess is nothing new. And if there are corresponding “Icon” for Paul McCartney and George Harrison, we didn't see them.

Also not yet revealed are when the next McCartney reissues from Concord Music are to come. Annoucements are supposed to be very very soon, sources tell Beatles Examiner. But Amazon is also showing listings for “import” versions of "Wings at the Speed of Sound" and “Venus & Mars” on Sept. 24. The prices listed are not cheap: $71.99 for “Venus & Mars” and a whopping “$213.99” for “Wings at the Speed of Sound.”

New 910: The newest issue of Doug Sulpy's the 910 features reviews of the HMC DVD/CD set “Shea!,' the “Live at the BBC” remasters, the Beatles Bootleg Recordings 1963 iTunes release and the new “A Hard Day's Night” DVD. The issue is available at Sulpy's website. The DVD of the much buzzed “Shea!” release has great, but not perfect picture quality, and, more important, for the first time, a real stereo sound on some but not all of the Beatles tracks. Of course, the question is if we'll ever get to see and hear the full restoration. Also on the bootleg front is word that a release of McCartney's Tokyo concert from Nov. 12, 1993 is now out there.

Beatles walk app: Taking a Beatles walk is now as easy as pushing a button with the Beatles London Walk app now available through the Apple app store. The app features over 75 different locations, including the Abbey Road crossing, the Apple offices, film sets and the Mad Day Out photo shoot, with photos, maps, GPS walk directions and app access to the Beatles iTunes music.

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