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Beatles reunion at Candlestick? McCartney health news, chart news

Some of the performers from the first day of Abbey Road on the River on Thursday.
Some of the performers from the first day of Abbey Road on the River on Thursday.
Olivia Anne Morris Fuchs - used by permission.

It's a crazy idea that we wish we could take credit for, but can't. That goes to Mark Silverman, host of “The Silverman Show” on Breathe Radio, who told us about a discussion on his show May 22.

The Beatles
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

“We had been talking about the Michael Jackson thing on the show, obviously, and got to talking how Queen couldn't do 'Bohemian Rhapsody' live, and resorted to tapes and videos,” Silverman told us. “And that led to seeing classic bands via hologram ...”

Mark's idea is a Beatles reunion at Candlestick Park in San Francisco the night Paul McCartney plays there Aug. 14. Since at least two Beatles won't be there (and maybe three if Ringo doesn't appear), why not do a Beatles reunion with holograms similar to what was done with Michael Jackson on “The Billboard Music Awards.”

Can't you just imagine it? Paul McCartney singing, “And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make,” and George Harrison and John Lennon walking across the stage as holograms. If Jackson can do it ... Anyway, let us hear your thoughts on this. Is this a good idea or not?

More reassurances about Paul: The Liverpool Echo revealed that Paul McCartney was being treated at Tokyo's St. Luke’s International Hospital and talked to Paul's brother, Mike, who told the paper, "Paul told me he was recovering slowly but surely, so I’m sure he’s on the mend.” It also said he was very upset about the cancellations of the shows in Japan and Korea. In announcing the cancellations of the concerts at Tokyo National Stadium, he said, "I'm so disappointed and sorry to be letting my fans down."

McCartney mania?: The satirical website, the Onion, took note of the hysteria over McCartney's condition Thursday with “Excitement Growing Among Beatles Fans Over Paul McCartney's Funeral.” Leave it to the Onion.

Chart news: It was a quiet week for the Beatles on the charts in the Billboard issue of May. In their only appearance, the Beatles No. 1 album is at No. 47 on the charts, down from No. 39, the previous week.

The sights of Abbey Road on the River: Olivia Anne Morris Fuchs sent us some photos from the first day of Abbey Road on the River in Louisville, KY. You can see them in the slideshow above. The festival continues through the 26th.

Beatles in America special: WBCE-FM in Central Ohio will present “Beatles in America – 1964,” a two-hour special on Memorial Day at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT. Paul Ingles hosts the program that takes listeners back to the year the Beatles and America first got to know one another.

The show, originally broadcast in 2004 for the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' arrival, features reports from reporters Larry Kane and Art Schreiber, plus Beatles music. Songs include “Twist and Shout,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Slow Down,” “Things We Said Today,” “Long Tall Sally,” “A Hard Day's Night,” “You Can't Do That” and “Cry For a Shadow.” You can stream the show here.

Beatles movie coming: A new movie from Norway about the Beatles is coming this August. According to, the film, based on the novel by Lars Saabye Christensen, is about four friends in the '60s in Oslo who like to pretend they're the Beatles. The Hollywood Reporter stated that the film has secured the rights to feature real Beatles recordings.

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