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Beatles news: 'A Hard Day's Night' revival, X-ray bootlegs, CD supports troops

Former Apple artist Lon Van Eaton is behind this new CD to support the troops.
Former Apple artist Lon Van Eaton is behind this new CD to support the troops.
Stone Soup Records -- used by permission

The July 5 issue of Billboard, released on June 27, showed the Beatles “1” album at #190 on the Billboard Top 200, down from #167 last week. And “A Hard Day's Night” gets a bit of a revival with this week's release in the U.S. of the new Criterion Collection DVD, which helped push the United Artists album back into the Soundtracks chart in the bottom rung at #25. As of June 27, the Criterion Blu-ray is the top-selling DVD in both the comedy and musicals categories on It won't be released in England until July 21.

The power of Lennon-McCartney: Atlantic's “The Power of Two,” now available online and in print, by Joshua Wolf Shenk is another analysis of how John Lennon and Paul McCartney were so compatible for each other as songwriting partners. This sentence stands out: “The attempts to pick apart the Lennon-McCartney partnership reveal just how misleading that myth can be, because John and Paul were so obviously more creative as a pair than as individuals, even if at times they appeared to work in opposition to each other.” We think that demeans their solo work unfairly since they both weren't afraid to branch out. Worth a read, especially online.

X-rays as bootlegs: Anyone who has fancied (or still does) Beatles bootlegs will be interested in this piece from Paste magazine on how X-rays have been turned into bootleg records on an idea from a photographer in in Hungary. Discarded X-rays were used to press bootlegs, which were then cut to the shape of a vinyl album. The difference was they had images of skulls and other body parts. The article includes pictures.

Supporting the troops: “American Made,” the album to help support the troops from former Apple Records artist Lon Van Eaton's Stone Soup label, is now out. Those on the disc include Derrek Van Eaton, Lon's brother, Bill Rice, Elsa Riveros, Mark Conklin, Bruce Foster, R.J. Rotondo, Danny DeGennero, Tim McGeary, Chris Winwrad and Cory “City” Fandel. The disc sells for $19.99 with $10 going directly to groups that do the work in support of the troops. You can get the album through the Stone Soup website.