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Beatle news briefs; More 'Revolution' thoughts


Journalist Bill DeYoung, who's done a number of Beatle-related stories through the years, sent us his thoughts on the "Revolution" outtake:


The first thing that hit me was the absence of the 'Revolution I' overdubs - the horns and (most) of the electric guitar. If this was indeed 'Bootlegger Bob' (the guy who creates outfakes in his basement) he did a masterful job of not only completely erasing those sounds, but in creating a fantastic Beatle-esque vibe for the whole track."

"Has anyone else noticed the similarities between this and 'What's the New Mary Jane'? John was also making this track during that first burst of Yoko-love, when everything was experimental.

"I have absolutely no doubt that this is the real deal. It gives me shivers.

"Apple put the 'Anthology' CDs out to combat the bootleggers - to keep the money in the family, so to speak. If one of two more outtakes of this quality surface, THEN you'll see the London brain trust spring into action - that's my prediction."

On this date in 1970, videos for "Let It Be" and "Two of Us" aired on "The Ed Sullivan Show." Above is "Two of Us." Enjoy.

This Tuesday's "Just Four Guys" podcast features Beatle songs about work, professions, and  proclamations of hard work in song. You can hear it Tuesday afternoon at 4:00, Eastern at the link.

Does anyone besides me remember seeing a Jimi Hendrix live album with vocals by a drunken Jim Morrison and a cover version of  "Tomorrow Never Knows"? Ever wonder how that all happened? Goldmine's Sound Advice column has the answer.

Times Online has a lengthy interview with singer Lulu (remember "To Sir With Love") that includes a Beatle story and several others. Paul McCartney fans will recall she was rumored to have been invovled with him in the post-Heather, pre-Nancy era. 

Sirius Fireman Radio will feature guest DJs, including Barbara Walters , Cousin Bruce Morrow and and a real New York City fireman from the Bronx starting Tuesday. (Thanks to HwyCDRRev.)

The new issue of Beatlefan (#176) Beatlefan #176 is out, will feature a cover story by Al Sussman, "Mythbusting 1964," that looks at some of the historical myths that have emerged over the years concerning The Beatles' fame in America, plus a look at one of the foremost Beatles tribute bands. For more information, see our more detailed post on our website or go to Beatlefan's website

Dan Peek, a former member of the group America, tells a story about an encounter with a drunken John Lennon at a party in his blog.

U2 emulated the Beatles with a surprise rooftop concert Friday on top of the BBC studios in London, reports the BBC website. Their set was composed of four songs, including two from their forthcoming album. The Beeb also reports they'll be David Letterman's house band for a full week. posted a not-so-exclusive "Exclusive" preview of the Bob Bonis Beatles and Rolling Stones photos that we wrote about Wednesday. Yeah, I guess that makes them exclusive if you've never written about them. Fox does have a couple of photos we hadn't seen before. The New York Post also has a writeup on it with a few different photos. We'll have some different Bonis' photos from the ones we've already printed in this space soon.

For anyone wondering, we're told the announcements about the David Lynch Foundation benefit will be coming soon. 

Portugal the Man's new album includes a host of Beatle references. Here's an interview with SF Club Music Examiner Julie Dyer in which they discuss their love of the Beatles. 

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  • Mike 6 years ago

    Maybe next we'll get the 20 minute Helter Skelter.

  • MicC 6 years ago

    Thanks for a peek at the Peek story. Would love to know what upset John. But in that condition a kitten could have made him angry. Thanks also for the vid.

  • william concannon 5 years ago

    Let me digress a bit, then get to the current subject.
    It's been said before, but it bears repeating. The four Apples are concerned with maintaining the high-quality, integrity, and sale-ability of the Fabs' brand. Hence no unhappy-breakup-this-is-the-end film like "Let It Be" re-released. (I like the idea someone expressed here of the original LIB, an upbeat LIB, and I'll add for Fabs *and* Yoko fans - both of us - Yoko jamming with Fabs. Put this all on dvd as separate chapters and everybody gets to choose only what they want to see.)

    I wrote here before than I would bet '09 will not bring the remastered catalog or LIB dvd. That was before the worldwide economy tanked a wee bit (A pause while I stop screaming). Now I'm even more sure of no catalog reissue in '09, but wold love to be wrong.

    So, Apples, How about a "For Collectors Only" Vol.1, etc. series? If that's too sales-killing for a title, I'm sure You could improve on it. Make the price lower than a mass-appeal Beatles release. "Carnival...", 10-min. "Revolution 1", 27-min. "Helter..". There's 51 minutes for Vol.1.
    Best of Twickenham "Get Back" sessions, and there's Vols.2-? Esher White Album demos another volume, etc.
    It would keeps us fans happier, and bring in some cash for Apple. This must have been suggested by somebody somewhere before. If so I apologize for ripping off (but at least re-exposing) your idea.

    Last thing: I can't remember what's been said about 27-min. "Helter...", but is it coherent and decent? I got excited way back when, when a boot had an 11-min. "Teddy Boy" (Beatles verion). I was disappointed to find it had many stops, restarts, flubs and general messing around. Is that true of "Helter.."? Over the years when I've seen lists of least-fave Fabs songs, it's always right there with "Revolution no.9" and "Mister Moonlight". Is it worth it or just another stop-start session rather than a valid take? Guess I need to re-read the Lewisohn entry.