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Beatle news briefs: more about 'Revolution'; rare Cavern footage?


  Should the Beatles make another voyage into their vaults after
  "Anthology 3"?

Rolling has a story on the "Revolution" outtake, which notes, according to Mark Lewisohn's "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" that there were only two tape copies of the song, one left in the studio, the other taken away by John Lennon and how the one copy made it to the bootleg release that was the source of the outtake is a mystery. There's also the story that Lennon recorded the vocal while laying on his back.

But one thing is elementary from all this (Paul, Ringo, Olivia and Yoko, are you listening?): People want to hear more new Beatle music. Not technically juggled and mashed or mixed up, but as it was, as we loved it. And even crazy things like the "Revolution" outtake. Yes, you did the "Anthology", but how about going back into the vaults again? Collectors know there are enough good things to make at least a two-disc set (at the minimum) that would thrill people like this taste of "Revolution" did. For once, get the jump on the bootleggers. And Paul, please don't get the idea "Carnival of Light" will get this much attention.

Bill Stainton, whose talk on "The five best decisions the Beatles ever made" was the basis for a previous column with my guesses on what they might be, wrote a lengthy comment to the column detailing what the five decisions really were. That topic would make a great basis for a panel discussion and debate at a Beatle convention.

My very good friend saki, a great wordsmith and a veteran presence on, sent me a note about an interesting project she's doing -- archiving issues of KRLA Beat online:

"For years I've had nearly a complete run of KRLA Beat newspapers sitting on my shelf, bought all those years ago and lovingly read each  week. I'd been wondering how best to preserve and share them and Bruce Dumes suggested a project where I'd scan each issue and upload to the net. It's finally happening at
My goal is to try for one new issue each day. Most of the material was generated by Beat reporters and photographers so it's an original take  on the music scene in the mid- to late 1960s. And the presence of  Derek Taylor in the editorial staff is a big plus. Let me know whether you have any suggestions for improving the project."


(Note: If you never saw KRLA Beat, it was an excellent music paper in newsprint format. The Beatles, of course, dominated the coverage, but everyone else that was popular or was on the way up was in there, too. These issues are superb for historical value and an eyeview of what it was like back then.

Is this clip on the Mersey Cats site from the Cavern stuff we haven't seen before? Parts look familiar and others don't. (Thanks to Rip Rense.)

Ed Trinka retired Thursday after 46 years as a doorman at the Plaza Hotel in New York, reports One of the first celebrities he encountered was the Beatles. In this video from WCBS-TV in New York, he talks about the Beatles and other celebrities he met on the job.

We had a cute story Friday afternoon about a new line of John Lennon baby items coming in April.

This May, Liverpool church bells will peel with the sounds of John Lennon's "Imagine," reports IC Liverpool. The song will be played by bellringers as part of the Futuresonic festival.

Everybody picks on Ringo. Seems like Blame Ringo,  whose video we featured in a previous column, has a long string of Beatle connections. Their website says their name came after their original name, Goodnight Vienna, was halted by a lawsuit threat from ....yup, you guessed it. So there's a whole "Crimes of Ringo" (complete with pictures of him) section on the site. Interesting, though, that the music sounds more like Ray Davies than the Beatles.

It's rare that you find Beatle blogs concentrating on Beatle history. Here's one: In the Life Of ... The Beatles

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  • Fred V. 6 years ago

    The silent footage of the Beatles at the Cavern I've seen before. In fact, I had a Super 8 copy of the same footage. (I might still have it somewhere). This was shot the same day as the Granada Television footage of the Beatles performing 'Some Other Guy' everyone has seen. The silent footage were cutaway shots that were going to be part of the coverage Granada was going to do on the group before it initially abandoned the idea before the band got really famous.

  • Matt Talvi 6 years ago

    I want to hear unreleased music for sure, but mostly, I want to hear the remastered fact, I'd wish they would clean up, tweak, and even re-mix the catalogue ala the YELLOW SUBMARINE CD that came out in the 90's, and even LET IT BE...NAKED. When I listen to the songs from those two releases-- particularly the YELLOW SUBMARINE CD-- I can't listen to the versions the other, flat sounding versions. One listen to "Eleanor Rigby" or "Love You To" from YELLOW SUB and you'll hit the skip button on those two songs the next time you play REVOLVER.
    Where are the remasters, damnit????

  • ed 6 years ago

    Hey. I'm a bit torn as to whether I would like this 'holy grail' stuff as is, or slightly tweaked to be "presentable". Though "LOVE" from 2006 was fun, I have discovered, from hearing fan remixes/mashups, that this kind of tinkering can be very hit and miss. I may really like one remix (or "mashup"), and really not like another at all. It was a good call to not go too drastic with "Love" and use only their recorded database of sounds from when they were recording together.
    What I think Steve is alluding to is that one standalone song ("Carnival Of Light") may not be the "killer app". It may be tastier if it was an entree from an entire meal. It'd go down easier. It would serve as a frame of reference for the listener to investigate further. At the very least, I think it would take the pressure away from everyone's strong focus on this one track, to put it out on an album of like material.
    Furthermore, if I had any say, I'd say take that last 'new' Lennon track ("Now And Then" is it?) and as I understand it's a rocker, go avant garde on a version of it, too. I miss hearing new rockers from Lennon.

  • Kevin B 6 years ago

    "Now and then" is definitely a non rocker.. Go to youtube and listen to the demos that John recorded.. It is more a slow tempo ballad with a real down feel. Not happy at all!

  • Tina 6 years ago

    I checked out Blame Ringo's site and found it to be hilarious! The music is good too. And in following the links on the page mentioned above, I found a link to Revolution 1 Take 20 that hasn't been taken down yet!!! Since I missed it on YouTube, I'm happy happy happy! If you missed it too, click on the Twelve Major Chords link at the end of the article. The mp3 link on that page doesn't work, but go to the links in lime green after comments and click on the second one, "miniplug..." In the second paragraph there's a link in Spanish identified by "Nuevo link." Click that and you've finally reached your destination! I hope this helps somebody and that it isn't pulled down too. Another good day's work from you, Steve!