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Beating the move liability

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Moving without one scratch is a local's respponsibility in San Diego.

The professional movers at Two Men Will Move You have the legs, and trucks, to move San Diegans moving anywhere in the county. The locals asking for help on the move guarantee all their boxes are it for the move.

How much the local owes the professional movers lines up with a quoted price given to customers who call, and talk through their things, and their move. Liability coverage for things in boxes damaged during the professional move comes with the price. Cents under a dollar per pound per box add up to financial recovery.

On the back of a combined agreement for moving services and freight bill customers learn what they pay for. Customers do the work planning to move all their things, and, getting all the movable things on a moving company truck in the right box. Professional movers from the family owned local company can pack the things on their stock movables lisst. At an additional price.

Basic moving prices at Two Men Will Move You cover the work moving a customer's things from house to house, or from business to bsuiness. San Diegans pay for the movers' time at the job, from arrival to the last delivery onthe premises. And, pay double drive time. Two times the minutes from load to unload.

Help does not make the full move risk free. Movers that drive out from the moving company on Pacific Highway east of the airport, south of Washington STreet, and north of Sassafrass Street, do not take responsibility for things on their do not move list. Two Men WIll Move You suggests customers carry their valuables, like jewelry, in their car. Extraordinary value items--paintinings, antique furniture, and original manuscripts--do not count in covered liability losses and damage. No insured moves are offered for hazardous materials. Customers handle their own anti-freeze, flsh bulbs, and lighter fluid.

Breakable items, like lamps, by rule of thumb, must get packed in a secure box.

Depreciated declared-value coverage customers buy, at an additional charge, covers the damage done by the movers. Not the packing mistakes San Diego customers make.

This is the first article in this three article piece for American Enterprise Sequels on Thursdays.

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