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Beating of Clinton Township man was a hate crime

Detroit Police say they have arrested two teenage boys in the savage beating of a tree trimmer from Clinton Township.

On Wednesday afternoon Steven Utash, a 54-year-old white man, was driving his truck near Morang and McKinney in Detroit when 10-year-old David Harris apparently inadvertently stepped in the street in front of Utash’s vehicle and Harris was struck.

Utash stopped his truck and got out to check on the boy when a group of approximately 12 black men approached him and began beating him, according to police reports. After Utash was knocked unconscious the crowd stole his money and credit cards.

Detroit Police Department Sgt. Michael Woody would not give out details of the investigation when talking to the media, saying that the investigation was ongoing and that police are searching for a number of people.

The boy is still in the hospital with abrasions and a foot injury. Utash is in a medically induced coma in St. Johns Hospital with multiple head injuries. His condition is listed as critical.

One man’s opinion:

This is an absolutely horrible crime. The Detroit police appear to be vigilantly searching for those responsible. All those involved should be charged with a hate crime on top of anything else. If the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office refuses to do it, then the federal government should step in.

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