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Beat your st. patrick’s day hangover

St. Patrick's Day Hangover Cure
St. Patrick's Day Hangover Cure

The remedies to relieve a hangover are endless but how many of them actually work? You may immediately pop some aspirin or drink a glass of water before bed to try and beat those hangover symptoms but as the saying goes different strokes for different folks. Medicine always seems to be the first alternative when combating a hangover but these all natural remedies perform just as well.

When you are experiencing a hangover your body needs to be replenished with natural nutrients to get you up and running again. Bananas contain an immense amount of potassium and so does honey. The two of these ingredients together make a power house. The fructose in honey helps your body metabolize the alcohol and your potassium is replenished with the bananas.

This next remedy may make you lift an eyebrow but it works! It’s no secret that toxic waste is removed through the skin. It’s the very reason why brushing your teeth after a drink doesn’t help much because it’s coming through your pores! Hot baths help in the detoxification process so the next time you go for a soak add some wasabi bath salts in the water. This helps get that alcohol out.

Lastly, water should always be your holy grail. Drinking just one glass before bed actually DOES WORK; the problem is not everyone will reach for water when the bed is staring them in the face. So, if you can’t get that drink before bed then drink water immediately upon rising.