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Beat the polar vortex with body treatments

I love the month of January and everything it stands for; renewing, rejuvenation, and relaxing. 2014 means that all of the bad habits that we had in 2013 are gone, the slate is wiped clean. It is the opportunity to kick start your health and beauty regime. The New Year began with a bang, and I don’t just mean the fireworks; so we had a little cold front called the polar vortex and your skin is going to suffer a great deal, dryness and dehydration are going to be the key factors that will be at the top of list. In keeping with my 3 R’s; I decided to brave the tundra and treat myself to two great spa treatments.

My first stop was Soca Day Spa, their mantra is “it’s a cozy retreat that specializes in skincare, body care and self-care treatments and therapies that leave you glowing inside and out.” Their mantra was proven. I felt welcomed and pampered from the time I walked in the door. I booked a back-facial or what I liked to call “bacial”. It’s cleansing, exfoliating the dead skin, a great masque for the back. My Therapist Nicole was fantastic. She very thoroughly asked questions about what my concerns were. Many people do not ask for this treatment; but it is a wonderful treatment to get any season. In the winter the dryness, and dehydration of the back needs to be cared for before spring and summer comes and you want show your sexy back in a beautiful halter or swimsuit. Nicole, used a combination of Eminence and Epicuren products which I love because, Eminence is a great Organic product line and Epicuren is a wonderful enzyme protein complex that enriches the cell metabolism, and gives it oxygen and nutrition. Hence, the combination was exactly what my back needed to feel as smooth as baby skin. To exfoliate my back, Nicole used Eminence’s Mimosa Champagne Sugar Scrub; which was a perfect choice because it not only removes the dead skin gently, but it is also a hydrating sugar skin polish. She used many hot towels, which felt wonderful, and then she used a green tea and ginger body hydrating masque that was kept on for ten minutes; the treatment was finished off with Eminence mimosa champagne massage oil that was very soothing and moisturizing. Nicole is a very good therapist; she was informative, professional, and had great hands. She really did balance my body’s yin and yang.

Massage Envy was my next stop for a 60 minute deep tissue massage. I enjoy my massages immensely, it’s not just relaxing; deep tissue massage helps to realign the body. This type of therapy focuses on deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue, and it is especially helpful if you have contracted, and chronically tense areas such as lower back pain or sore hips and thighs; like I do. It has been my experience that some of the best deep tissue massages have been given by women, they do not seem afraid to get in there and really work out the pain, the tension and inflammation in the body. My therapist on this day was Kimberly, a tiny blond hair, nymph-like young lady seemed to be stronger than a defensive end football player and it was magnificent. Kimberly first wanted to know what area of my body were giving me problems and if I wanted her to concentrate more in a certain spot. It is very important for a good therapist to:

· Find out what pain issues the client is having

· Find out what kind of pressure the client is used to

· Make the client feel very comfortable

Kimberly did all splendidly. It is important to note and Kimberly also told me this; when the therapist gets to a point in the body that is painful than other areas that you as the client breathe through the ache it will feel better in the morning. If the pressure is too deep, do not hesitate to tell your therapist. As a seasoned massage client or a Diva; the pressure that Kimberly gave was exactly what I needed.

There are many great benefits in deep tissue massage:

· Limited mobility

· Chronic pain

· Posture problems

· Osteoarthritis pain

· Fibromyalgia

· Muscle tension

So the next time we have a polar vortex, don’t let it beat you. Or if you want to just have a “Me Day” go to Soca Day Spa on International Blvd. and definitely ask for Nicole for a facial or fantastic back facial, and for a majestic deep tissue massage you have to ask for Kimberly at Massage Envy in West Ashley. Both treatments are relaxing but they are also therapeutic and beneficial to your body.

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