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Beat the heat running this summer

Summer running
Summer running

With the warm weather upon us many people will want to go out for a run. The warmer weather presents some challenges.

Summer running on the boards

Here are some basic tips to help:

Avoid the sun. Run in in the early morning or the evening when the sun is lower in the sky. The mid-day sun can make running difficult.

Wear sun block. Wear a sun screen that is water resistant so it does not get in your eyes. And make sure you cover your face especially your lower lip and top of your ears which will get the most sun. Apply sun screen even on cloudy days as the damaging rays penetrate the clouds. Wear a light hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Wear light clothes. Wear light colored clothes as they will reflect the heat as opposed to dark colors which will absorb the heat.

Wear moisture wicking shirt and socks. A moisture wicking fabric like “Cool Max” or other similar fabrics will pull moisture away from your body and you will feel more comfortable. Especially important for your socks so your feet stay dry.

Hydrate. Make sure you plan a route where you can get some water along the way. If you are running a longer distance of 10 or more miles some kind of electrolyte replacement like Gatorade should also be taken particularly on hot days.

Run With a Friend or Group - Group Runs are an excellent way to stay motivated and run safe in the event something happens like a trip or a fall and there is always strength in numbers. Check your local Running Club to see about a group run in your area. .

Stay Alert to Your Surroundings - While headphones may distract you from the long monotonous run it also distracts you from being aware of your surroundings. Leave them at home and enjoy the sounds of the outdoors.

Run in a Safe Place - At the Shore we are fortunate to have plenty of boardwalks which make for excellent places to run. They are well lit at night and there are generally always people around. The surface is nice and flat and more forgiving then the road or sidewalk as well. If you are not near a boardwalk try one of the local parks many have jogging trails with runners there to keep you company - just make sure you wave or say hello to your fellow runners.

Run Against Traffic -If you must run on the road always run against traffic. That way you can see oncoming cars and stay over to the side of the road as they approach.

Avoid Isolated Areas - Avoid dark isolated areas where you feel unsafe. If you spot someone or something suspicious avoid the area. Do not approach a car to give directions, keep moving and keep your distance.

Carry ID – It’s always good to have some kind of Identification with you in case of an emergency. RoadID makes ID tags which are relatively inexpensive. Always let someone know where you will be running and when you expect to return if you are going out alone.

And there are plenty of opportunities just about every weekend to participate in a local race this summer. Check the Race Calendar for lots of opportunities to run.

Summer is also the time to start training for fall half marathons and full marathons. Check out some opportunities to train with a group.

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