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Beat the freeze at Garcia Brogan's


  • Csargent 6 years ago

    Can't wait to have a Cactus Bowl! (or 3)

  • LJensen 6 years ago

    I may have to take a trip to Lowell next time I'm on the East Coast just to try those Cactus Bowls!!! Delicious!!

  • ASargent 6 years ago

    Cute waitress works there too...

    Next time I am on the east coast I am there. Rumor is that they have a great trivia night as well. Perhaps Dan can report on it in the future!

    Keep them coming...

  • Shady Joe 6 years ago

    Garcia Borgan's here I come, for this concoction of lovely rum!

  • Father Carmine 6 years ago

    I thought Jack Keraouc was dead?

  • InsaneInTheMembwayne 6 years ago

    Did you just say blasé?

  • Rebecca Meade 6 years ago

    Can't wait till June when I can have one of those! Great article!

  • R Finney 6 years ago

    I better not see you drinking boring beers ever again sarge....stick to the cactus bowls and shirley temples

  • dta #22 6 years ago

    Is the Sargent family 1/2 Mexican....MMMMM Blueberry Stoli on a summer day....or any day

  • jenny d. 6 years ago

    next literary stop: gin & lemonade out of an island jug in the fish house, or perhaps a dark & stormy sipped while sitting on a stool at the Sand Bar beside Donna Jean?? can't wait for the next one...

  • Ms Kyriazidis 6 years ago

    It certainly does put the rhythm of Mexican music into my soul.

  • KaraS 6 years ago

    I could really go for one of those right now... Although it is only 9:45 am here!!

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