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Beat the freeze at Garcia Brogan's

It’s the middle of January and you are walking through frozen downtown Lowell. As you pass by the countless pubs that line the cobblestone streets of this classic city you can not help but yearn for something more- more than a Bud Light, more than a Cape Coddah or Blueberry Stoli and Sprite, and more than even a pint of Guinness. You are in search of something that will satisfy your insatiable desire for a drink that will not only provide you with something to sip on with friends, something much more than a cocktail that when imbibed will loosen you up and make you feel like dancing, and even something more exciting than that shot of tequila that will take you to the brink of that undesired trip to the restroom. You need a beverage that has the power to transform your blasé winter mood into what can only be described as summer satisfaction. You need a Cactus Bowl from Lowell’s new Irish/ Mexican restaurant and bar: Garcia Brogans.

The Cactus Bowl is a giant concoction of both dark and light rum, Triple Sec, grenadine, and a splash of pineapple juice that can put the rhythm of Mexican music into even the stiffest of drinkers. Made to be shared and served with two overly long straws, this delicious sweet cocktail has the perfect amount of kick to keep patrons coming back for more. When coupled with the upbeat Cantina style ambiance that the Garcia side of this new fusion of great cultures has created, the Cactus Bowl reveals itself as the perfect choice.

Next time you are fed up with shoveling snow and drinking boring beers that don’t even come with outrageously long straws or festively colorful bowls, treat yourself to a Cactus Bowl or three, thaw yourself out, and have a great time.

For more info: Garcia Brogans 131 Middlesex St. Lowell 978-446-0005
Hours: 11:30 a.m. - 2 a.m.


  • Csargent 5 years ago

    Can't wait to have a Cactus Bowl! (or 3)

  • LJensen 5 years ago

    I may have to take a trip to Lowell next time I'm on the East Coast just to try those Cactus Bowls!!! Delicious!!

  • ASargent 5 years ago

    Cute waitress works there too...

    Next time I am on the east coast I am there. Rumor is that they have a great trivia night as well. Perhaps Dan can report on it in the future!

    Keep them coming...

  • Shady Joe 5 years ago

    Garcia Borgan's here I come, for this concoction of lovely rum!

  • Father Carmine 5 years ago

    I thought Jack Keraouc was dead?

  • InsaneInTheMembwayne 5 years ago

    Did you just say blasé?

  • Rebecca Meade 5 years ago

    Can't wait till June when I can have one of those! Great article!

  • R Finney 5 years ago

    I better not see you drinking boring beers ever again sarge....stick to the cactus bowls and shirley temples

  • dta #22 5 years ago

    Is the Sargent family 1/2 Mexican....MMMMM Blueberry Stoli on a summer day....or any day

  • jenny d. 5 years ago

    next literary stop: gin & lemonade out of an island jug in the fish house, or perhaps a dark & stormy sipped while sitting on a stool at the Sand Bar beside Donna Jean?? can't wait for the next one...

  • Ms Kyriazidis 5 years ago

    It certainly does put the rhythm of Mexican music into my soul.

  • KaraS 5 years ago

    I could really go for one of those right now... Although it is only 9:45 am here!!

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