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Beat the fast food coma

Look like your last meal?
Look like your last meal?

Brad is really hungry. He's been running around, sweating, playing beach volleyball. Of course he's ignored all proper hydration and sun-protection. That's beside the point. He's worked up a monster appetite, so it's time to head to Hardee's for some serious beef. Brad wolfs down some multi-layered jalapeno stuffed burgers, a coke, and some other salty sides. Later that night, Brad's friends come to pick him up for an evening out. To their dismay, but not amazement, they discover Brad passed out on his couch, in boxers and a sleveless tee, the Sandlot blaring on the TV, and tater tot crumbs sprinkled across his body.

Sound familiar? It should if you've ever pumped your arteries full of a greasy load of fast food after becoming famished. And it doesn't just end here. Chances are Brad wakes up slowly and painfully with stomach cramps and poor social graces. What are some methods you can use to avoid the dreaded food coma?

For starters, go Hardee's is a safe skip. Secondly, go slow. Fast food, like any meal should be enjoyed. If you choke down a corndog, an enchilada, two burgers and some fries in fifteen minutes, then you'd better be coming off of a particularly nast break-up. Cuz you can't even find all those in one place. Also, you won't feel the full effects for an hour. Lastly, grilled chicken is your friend. In the playing field of fast food entrees, chicken's the lightweight sprinter, meaning you won't have to nap in the booth.

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