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Beat the cold and check out these family-friendly activities at Albany area museums


As you continue to search for indoor family fun this winter,  try checking out some of these local museums that are either geared for kids or have great family programming.

Saratoga Children’s Museum is perfect for children up to 7 years old to explore a world just their size. Whether they cook up a storm in the diner or count some money at the bank, kids will love learning in this community context. In addition, this museum has several events and programs worth checking out.

The Children's Museum of Science and Technology  is a great place for pre-schoolers and school age children alike to explore and have fun with science.  There are a number of hands on learning opportunities from creating your own weather forecast to  touch-friendly animal demonstrations. The planetarium is even child-friendly, made up of comfortable and flexible seating for any family.  Check out their calendar for upcoming events.

The Schenectady Museum also has a planetarium in addition to several great exhibits many of which include local history.  Their FETCH Lab offers children opportunities to look more deeply into a topic and create a project around it.  Don't miss their free January Art Night: Friday, January 15th, from 5-7pm (the model train exhibit will still be there.)

The New York State Museum provides a wide variety of exhibits along with a touch-friendly room where little ones can do a variety of activities. They also host Free Family Fun weekends on the third weekend of the month, where theme-based shows, activities, and take-home projects are offered.

The Albany Institute of History and Art has ongoing family programs that encourage children to appreciate and have fun with art.

The Clark institute is a little bit of a drive away (around 40 miles), but offers great family programs as well.

In addition, several of these museums offer birthday party packages, home school programs, and events during school holidays. 


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