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Beat the boredom of being stuck indoors with a simple science experiment

Just a few ingredients like milk, food coloring and dish soap can provide entertainment on a day stuck indoors
Shauna Williams

The Midwest and much of the country is in the midst of frigid temps resulting in school closures and delays. While we enjoy this additional time with our little ones, it can create an environment of boredom with the extra time spent at home stuck indoors. Luckily, it does not take much to delight the imaginations of little learners. And not only are you entertaining with this activity- the science and art behind it are educational.

Milk Magic, as it can be referred to, uses three simple ingredients to create a beautiful display that "magically" pops and blends colors together. You will need a shallow plate or dish, milk, food coloring, dish soap and a toothpick. Fill the plate or dish with a shallow layer of milk- just enough to cover it. Place a few drops of food coloring around in the milk. Use varying colors to experience color mixing. Next, dip the tip of a toothpick into the dish soap. Immediately poke the drops of food coloring with the soap tipped toothpick. The food coloring should appear to "explode" as you do this. Also, as the colors run into each other thy will blend creating new, secondary colors. Add more drops of food coloring and repeat. Eventually, the white milk will disappear and a beautiful work of art will appear.

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