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Beat summer breakouts at their own game

Ahhhh summer. It is time for suntans, barbecues, beaches, and yes, breakouts. When it comes to battling breakouts, there are a few key ingredients you want in your arsenal: tea tree oil, witch hazel, sulfur, and salicylic acid.

Sunblock may feel greasy on the skin but it is a must-do for summer. If the grease gets you down, try to look for natural ingredients or an oil-free line. Ti-silc from Neova is one of the better options as it not only protects from sun damage, it also provides good-for-you anti-aging benefits for your skin. Neutrogena sunscreen for sensitive skin is another good option. Remember sunscreen is always way better than sun damage so don't leave home without it.

If breakouts rear their ugly (white or black) heads, break out the big guns and do some spot treatments. Some great options :

- MURAD on-the-spot acne treatment works wonders overnight, and its freshly-scented formula goes on clear for use during the day as well. It is a miracle worker.

-Mario Badescu drying lotion is a must have in the medicine cabinet for an overnight sensation that does battle on your breakouts while you sleep.

-Christine Valmy pimple zapper is your tag along best friend. It is a small roll on to take with you on your travels to spot treat throughout the day. It is as easy to apply as a lip balm.

-in a pinch, whip up a DIY pimple remedy by crushing an aspirin and mixing with water for a salicylic acid type of paste to dry pimples overnight. This also helps to reduce redness.

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