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Bears -the bare facts about hanging your food

Most bears in the USA are big with a lot of huff and puff. Most wild dogs can do you more harm. I’m not talking about grizzlies - but black bears. I personally would not camp in grizzly country. If you do - you don't need this article.

Black bears are not part of the pig family, but they sure act like it. While they are indeed omnivores, they tend to root around looking for the easy pickings. That often means stealing grub from us humans. I recommend using a bear proof container as they are the only sure way to protect your food. Many parks require them. So far, bears don’t carry quarters to open them up. However, they have learned how to get hanging bags down.

OK so assuming you still want to hang your food, here is how:

1. Tie a rock to one end of a rope…fling I over a branch that is about 20 feet high and about 10 feet out from the trunk.

2. Attach your backpack with food one end and pull it up.

3. Tie the other end to a 2nd bag about chest high.

4. Stuff the excess rope into the bag and leave a loop sticking out.

5. Shove it up high with a stick. Get it about 15 feet up.

6. If momma bear hasn’t had the cubs get up and snag your food, retrieve it in the morning with a stick.

Carpe Diem!

Rick Deutsch

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