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Bears drag woman: 5 black bears drag woman from garage to driveway

A black bear
A black bear
Jon Sullivan/Wikimedia Commons

Up to five bears drag a woman from her garage to her driveway leaving her with various bruises and scrapes. On April 13, CNN reported that a group of bears on Florida went rummaging through a woman's garage, likely looking for food. When the woman walked into her garage, the bears attacked her.

The woman was able to break free from the bears and run back into her home without them catching her. The woman's husband called 911 and she was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where she was treated for minor injuries to her legs and face.

The bears that dragged the woman are believed to be black bears. The attack happened the very same day that Florida wildlife officials put out a warning about black bears in the area. Officials warned residents that bears and cubs were looking for food and cautioned people to be on the lookout. Residents were also advised to purchase bear-resistant trash cans according to CNN.

The woman who was attacked by the bears is expected to be okay. Her claim of "multiple bears" involved in the attack has not been confirmed. Anyone who sees a bear near their home is encouraged to stay indoors. You can call animal control if you have a concern about any wild animal near your home.

When bears drag a woman out of her home, bad things can happen. Fortunately this woman was able to get away.