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“Bearded Lady” Conchita Wurst at Eurovision 2014 makes the cut

Plucked from obscurity. Best known for wowing the audiences over at the 59th Annual Eurovision 2014 Song Contest representing Austria, in Copenhagen (European Green Capital), Denmark, is giving stunning performances. The premiere performer is getting standing ovations and is favorited to win. Homophobes fear for their straight lives that Eurovision would become a hotbed of sodomy. What is healthy is that it has opened up the topic for discussion.

Switzerland-Hunter of Stars Sebalter
Switzerland-Hunter of Stars Sebalter
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 “Bearded Lady” Conchita Wurst at Eurovision 2014 makes the cut
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Fit for a queen

Wurst-mania, also known as Tom Neuwirth, he made it to number six of the Starmania in 2007 he came out during the series of shows. Wurst is also a member of the former boy band Jetz Anders.

Why does that lady have a beard

The semi-final takes place tonight and the final takes place on May 10th, 2014. Royal family members Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary will be just some of the famous celebrities on the global song contest.

Conchita Wurst peforms, Rise Like a Phoenix

Referred to "she" while in drag. Shocking and wowing millions of viewers. The video is this evening’s performance released four hours ago by Eurovision. Fifteen countries will go in an only ten will come out the other side of the semi-finals and on to this weekend.

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