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Bearded Irises are a favorite perennial for Las Vegas gardens and gardeners

The Las Vegas Iris Society is having their annual Iris sale at Plant World Nursery on West Charleston this month. Now is the time to get the best quality rhizomes from local growers and enthusiasts.

Bearded Iris are sure to please Las Vegas gardeners with their delicate and bold colors and fragrance.
Bearded Iris are sure to please Las Vegas gardeners with their delicate and bold colors and fragrance.
Judy Holly
Delicately beautiful and fragrant Bearded Iris flowersflo
Judy Holly

Saturday, September 13, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sunday, September 14, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information, please contact: Mary Lee Fortner at 702.339.2338 Dorlene Waite at 702.876.1525 Fred Parvin at 702.372.3873

Irises have long been a good choice for Las Vegas and Southwest desert gardens. Bearded Irises grow in relatively poor soil and can survive with little water by storing it in the tuber-like rhizomes. Each year the plant propagates itself on new shoots at the growing tip of the rhizomes spreading in all directions away from the older center of the plant.

Most bearded Iris only bloom once per year in the spring but some have been developed that will bloom more than once. The flowers are well worth the wait with exquisite colorful blooms that are fragrant too.

Many different variations in colors are available in these delicate flowers that range from deep almost black to pure white. Some flowers are one solid color while others have falls of a different color than the middle upright petals. New color combinations continue to be bred and developed by growers and backyard enthusiasts.

Bearded Irises are typically fragrant and if you can get one of the old classics it smells like grape Kool-aid. Different color flowers generally have a different unique fragrance and you can almost guess the color with your eyes closed. Fragrance can be from very light and sweet to deep and heavy. When you come across blooming plants make sure you take the opportunity to enjoy the fragrance too.

A fully grown bed of plants should be renovated every 3-4 years to remove the old non-productive central rhizomes and to give growing space for the new growth. Typically bearded Iris rhizomes are dug up and replanted from July to October.