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Bearded Dragons make the scene at Petco Huntersville

They are so inactive they look like statues but when you peer closer you can see a slight movement of the skin and perhaps a blink of an eye. "Herbie " a year old Bearded Dragon gave the small group huddled around him a slight blink as he clungto the shirt front of his owner, Reese Smith.

Bearded Dragons are a hit at cutest dragon contest at Petco in Huntersville, NC
Debra Tobin
bearded dragon sits happily on shoulder of new owner
Debra Tobin

Petco in Huntersville, North Carolina had a Bearded Dragon contest on Saturday, June 2nd. There was not a large entry field, in fact only 2 showed up. But the curious onlookers and those looking to buy one made the reptiles a big hit .

"They're good listeners" says Reese, the 7 year old owner of Herbie. "They also don't move very much, and they like water, and some sun and they can change color..." his knowledge went on and on and almost matched his enthusiasm.

Herbie has some competition in the form of Boulder, who also made the scene. His owner, Candace Hall, actually got the ribbon for first place. But when she met Reese and Herbie, she thought Boulder wouldn't mind giving up his ribbon to a young man who was so enthusiastic to show off his pet.

Why does an attractive young woman want a Bearded Dragon for a pet?

"I've always wanted one, ever since I graduated. It's just the kind of pet that suits me." Hall replied .

And apparently they suit many, says they are the most popular reptile pets in the country .

Petco had a care sheet on display for those interested . Bearded Dragos like simple things; like plants, mealworms, moss , and of course heat and humidity. They come from Australia and average about a foot long in length.

According to, these reptiles are one of the few species of lizards that are naturally tame, and really aren't interested in running away from humans.

Rising 6th grader Jack Flynn is a good example of their friendliness. He was in the store buying his first Bearded Dragon. The four legged "pogona vitticeps" just took to his palm as if he was the only one in the store that mattered. And that made Flynn sport a wide grin.

He had been saving up for the pet and was thrilled to pick out his new sidekick. "It's great," he beamed, "he's the greatest."

Although buying the lizards themselves is not too pricey, about $60.00 to $80.00 each, there are a list of supplies that go with the pet that can add up. It's always good to pick up a care sheet that also lists supplies at the store where you purchase the pet.

Also check out for more information on Bearded Dragons as well as rescue groups who have them up for adoption.

These laid back lizards are going to be around awhile,some can live to be 15 years old, and that makes the pet industry happy and busy keeping pet owners coming back for more .

Reese will be back to the store to bring Herbie and maybe even Jack will show up even without a Bearded Dragon contest. These pets are a draw for all who see them .


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