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Bear trapped with head in bucket freed by awesome rescue effort

On Monday, the bucket was finally removed; the bear is back in the woods and hopefully can now eat and gain weight for the cold winter ahead.
Facebook-Save the Bucket Bear/ Krissy Elder

Sightings as early as July 4th rumored across the rural Perry Township community of Clarion County, Pennsylvania about a young black bear roaming around with a bucket stuck to its head. A Facebook page called Save the Bucket Bear was created last weekend by Krissy Elder to bring attention to the plight of the suffering animal.

"No matter what it is, it shouldn't be stuck on his head. We need to get the proper authorities involved so something can change for this bear. Can you imagine having something stuck on your head, blocking your vision and not allowing you to eat or drink?"

It's not like Krissy didn't try to get the bear some help earlier by contacting the Pennsylvania Game Commission. They dismissed the woman's concerns and allegedly told her that as long as the bear wasn't injured and mobile, there was nothing they could do about the situation. Elder explained to the commission that the bear's safety was in danger:

"I watched him walk directly into the wooden fence that is in the picture, "bounced" off and headed back towards the road. The moving traffic must have scared him, and he turned around and walked the fence line, bumping the bucket off the fence periodically like he was feeling out for the end of the fence. He was looking pretty scrawny and looked to be young.
The goal is to get this bear some help and soon so that he can hopefully bulk up enough to survive the winter."

The Pennsylvania Game Commission set a humane trap, however that yielded no results, but Monday a group of awesome animal lovers set out to help.

According to, Shawn Balcita, Dean Hornberger, Eric Kribbel and Samantha Eigenbrod who filmed the bear's release on her cellphone, managed to track down the bear, wrestle the 180 animal to the ground and began the torturous task of removing a "maxi" from the bear's head.

A "maxi" is the black air bag that provides the cushioning between a tractor and a trailer. How the young bear managed to get his head caught is still a mystery, but the bear's neck was tightly secured by the bag's metal rim.

It took the rescuers 20 minutes to free the bear using a hacksaw; the young bear was described as "exhausted." (who wouldn't be with a bag tied around one's head?) Fortunately a little hole at the top of the bag allowed the bear to eat a little food and drink water which saved his life.

The moment the bear was free, up he went and fled into the woods. Aside from a few minor scratches, the rescuers were all fine.

"Run little bear run."

Many thanks to the brave rescuers, but they do want to warn everyone not to try this on your own. These people have experience as wildlife rescuers; this is not a job for amateurs.

Watch the amazing one minute 27 second video of the bear's rescue.

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